Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well here goes...

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by... and for hopefully joining me on this journey! I am a thirty-something, stay-at-home mommy that has been battling my weight since having children. I'd love to say that I was recently knocked up and pregnant, but in all honesty, my youngest baby is 2 1/2 years old... so I've had quite some time to lose this weight.

Growing up, I never struggled with my weight... well, except for that "Freshman 15," but I'll blame that weight on outside circumstances. :) I have a five year old son and a two and a half year old daughter who are the lights of my life. My hubby loves me unconditionally and tells me I look as beautiful as I did on our wedding day... but I beg to differ.

I've been overweight for five years now, and it really, really bothers me. I've joined gyms, gone to Weight Watchers, had a personal trainer and taken Hydroxycut (I know it's horrible for ya, but I was at my wit's end... too bad I couldn't stand the jitters!). You name it, I've done it ~ and I'm still 35 pounds heavier than I was on my wedding day.

I was recently contacted by L.A. Boxing... and was offered a gym membership for both me and my son in exchange for me blogging about our experience. Of course, I'm not one to turn something like that down... and I hope that it's just the push that I need to get back in shape. So, I'm totally putting myself out there... I figure I will either end up humiliated and embarrassed, or skinny... and I choose the latter. :)

From what I hear, I'll be featured on L.A. Boxing's Facebook page as a blogger. Three of us will be blogging about our experiences with the gym ~ one is a real MMA boxer, one is a beautiful pageant girl, and I guess I'm the heavy housewife... I can't wait to get started! Wish me luck~ Tomorrow is Day One! Here's to going from fat to phat... and hoping that I can become a hot housewife once again.:)

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