Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bringin' Sexy Back

Who doesn't love them some Justin Timberlake? I'll never forget taking my teenage cousins to a J.T. concert a few years ago. They about died when I pulled up my shirt to reveal my pregnant belly that had "Future J.T. Fan" written in marker across it. I don't know what made them laugh more- the marker on my belly or the fact that I had on two bras. Hey now, I was trying... I needed some extra padding and some extra oomph to hold those babies up.:) That night was a life changing moment for me. Halfway through the concert, I realized Justin would never get the chance to see my belly in all its glory. It hit me- I was surrounded by teeny boppers and hot twenty-somethings and a pregnant belly was not going to score us a backstage pass.

Tonight, my hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day. I am sooooo lucky to have a hubby who hasn't been fazed by my weight. When we started dating, I was totally in shape. And let's just say, things went down hill from there.:) I always say a happily married woman gains an average of 17 pounds her first year of marriage. Let's just say I was really happy.:) I've had two babies, and the hubz has never complained about my body...

He's seen it through thick and through thin, through good times and bad. As much as I love to get my groove on, I dropped the ball on being sexy a long time ago. I think the closest thing to sexy that I have is matching flannel pajamas paired with fuzzy socks. Poor Brendan!

Since I started working out, I have appreciated my husband so much more. Not only has he helped with the kids and made sure I have time to get my workouts in, he's been supportive in every step of the way. Part of me credits LA Boxing with helping to improve our marriage. As crazy as it sounds, it's the truth. I can't tell you the last time I chucked a remote across the room. Oops, did I just say that? Well, to be honest, beating the bag is a huge release of aggression!

Nothing makes me happier than when my hubby comments on my hard work. For the last five years, I've been living off of Wallyworld Hanes Her Way granny panties. Well, I take that back- I'm the queen of using free panty coupons at Victoria's Secret.:) This year, my hubby surprised me with new underwear. I about fell over- but it put me in such a good mood. He's also commented that my cheeks (facial cheeks, that is) don't look so (in his words) chipmunky anymore. I wanted to be mad, but he was being so sincere. I had to take it as a compliment and smile.

This year, I vow to work on bringin' sexy back. I now realize that I'm not damaged goods, and there is hope in sight. Happy Valentine's Day B-baby... and here's hoping that next year, we'll be leaving the lights on all the time! Dirrrrtyyyy boy... HA!

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