Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Power of a Shower

What a difference ten years makes. It's a beautiful spring night- Ten years ago, I was probably hanging out, putting the final touches on my wedding, and wouldn't have thought twice about partaking in power hour on a Wednesday night. I probably would have made it to minute number thirteen and then have been dancing on a table. And now, I'm writing about the power of a shower. My idea of a good time has gone from power hour to simply finding the time for a shower. Wow.

Maybe it's just me, but I really hope that a few other women can relate to this blog. Who knows, it could totally be a personal problem, but for the past five or so years, some days it's a real struggle to find the time to shower. Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not some anti-shaving, armpit smelling, nature loving gal that has a hygiene problem... Well, o.k.- I'm some of that depending on the day.:) But seriously, since I've had children, getting a shower has no longer been a priority.

I remember last year I wanted a change with my hair. I have always been dead set on the fact that I don't want "mom hair." I didn't want the short mom haircut because I felt like my hair was the one thing that still looked somewhat youthful. I didn't want short hair beacause in all reality, you have to "do" short hair. You have to take the time to get ready. I really thought that by putting a hat on and doing my make-up that I looked presentable. Too bad I wasn't fooling anyone. I should have just chopped my hair off a long time ago- because wearing it in a knot on top of my head wasn't doing anything for me. But guess what- it all boiled down to not showering.

Laides, through this transformation process, I have realized that nothing makes my day go better than when I take the time to get up early and shower. Yes, it sucks. Yes, my bed is calling my name, and I'd love to stay snuggled and cozy for those thirty minutes. But trust me- geting ready is soooooo worth it. You can't fake the freshness of being clean and ready. I now want to talk to people at the park because I know I'm not going to scare them away. I don't feel like I want to crawl in a hole when I run into someone at Tar-jay. And now, people don't think I'm some white trash mama that kidnapped my kids that are clean and well-kept.:)

So- here's this weeks challenge: Get rid of the funk. Shower every day and see how you feel. And if it's not a problem for you, forget you ever read this.:)

Truth be told, I have been on a week's hiatus from following any kind of diet. I've also only made it into the gym twice in well over a week. I have gained back a solid five pounds and feel gross. I've been in a rut, but tomorrow I'm climbing out. I say tomorrow because this piece of Rosemary and Olive oil bread is tasting mighty fine right now. I'm struggling. But at least I smell good.:)


  1. Get back at it shelley. You have done a great job. Don't focus on falling off the wagon, but getting back on. I am working my butt off and nothing is happening. I just keep telling myself to keep going, one day this fat is going to have to fall off if I keep working.

  2. I came across your blog and am a fellow HOKIE about to begin my life journey towards becoming more healthy. Thank you being so willing to put yourself out there for all of us to follow. I'm ready to join you along your path both in the highs (and lows). Stay focused Knockout Mamma -- let's kick some butt!

  3. i can totally relate on the whole shower thing. I'm always jealous of the moms that look so put together (and clean!) so early in the morning. It makes a huge difference in how I feel but since I make every attempt to workout later in the day, i feel like I am wasting that shower in the morning!