Friday, September 10, 2010

Giveaway Time:)

Why do people run? There are so many answers to this question. Some run for themselves. Some run for their kids. Some run to lose weight. Some run for wine. And yes, it's true- some run because they actually enjoy it!

I'm trying to find my love for running- but I will be the first to admit I don't know if those two will ever be associated together. The last race I ran in, I thought I was going to die. Perhaps it was the ringing I heard in my ears, or maybe it was the thick film of gunk foaming from my mouth. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to having a goal to work for and the upcoming 5k.

Many thoughts go through my head when I'm running a race. It's never actually a race for me, it's more like, let's pray I can finish this thing... but I often am talking to myself and telling me that I can make it through. But now, I have a new phrase I'll be saying... Run U Mother.

Run U Mother is a company that was started back in 2007 by TJ Magill and Christine Campbell – two local moms. TJ, a personal trainer who runs Run U Mother boot camps in our area, was looking for a fun logo for shirts she was making for her boot camp ladies to wear in a 5K race. Christine had a friend who ran the Marine Corp Marathon and was looking for a catchy little phrase to put on a sign. She figured that at mile marker #23 – “Go Nancy” wasn’t going to cut it. She made a sign that said “Run U Mother” (Nancy is a mother of 4). So – they put that cheeky logo t-shirts and they have been a hit!

From there, the twosome designed a tee shirt that would look good on moms – whether they are working out or going to play groups. They went to NY to source out fabric and found a manufacturer and the company was brought to life! Since then, they've added tops, hats, car magnets and most recently - “Tri U Mother” swim caps and tees. These shirts are sold online ( and just started to branch out into retail stores. They currently have inventory in Fleet Feet stores.

These ladies have had great success at race expos and quickly realized that Run U Mother is more than just a logo printed on shirts. It’s become a mantra for mother’s who want to set an example for the families. It is about empowering and motivating Moms to get out there and get their butts shaking (some more than others I know) so we can preserve the last little bit of sanity we have left. Running is about feeling STRONG and about solving problems you can't even begin to figure out any other time. Run U Mother strives to also empower our next generation of girls to know that it is ALWAYS ok to make time to exercise, in fact it is a must. It’s also carried over into the boot camps. Now called Run U Mother, the boot camps are keeping moms fit by providing fun programs and lots of mother support!!!

Pretty darn powerful stuff, eh? I guess this is where I should confess that I didn't really come up with this stuff or write most of it... But for once, it's actually making me look forward to an evening run!

And ya wanna know the best thing about this blog? Run U Mother is sponsoring a give away for 1 Run U Mother product of the winners choice. Personally, I'd choose this cute tee:

All you have to do is head over to, read my blog and make a comment. The winner will be chosen next Friday! Good Luck... and be sure to check this awesome company out on facebook ( and

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