Monday, October 4, 2010

The Difference

I often wonder what makes some people average, what makes some people good, and what makes some people extraordinary. For example: I had the exact same upbringing as my younger brother. We were fed the same foods, had the same life experiences, and raised with the same values. But when it comes to our eating habits, we are night and day. He cringes when he sees me nuking shredded cheese on chips in the microwave, and he just doesn't understand how I can actually enjoy three large pieces of greasy cheese pizza. It actually disgusts him. He would much rather have his plain tuna out of a can, grilled chicken breast, eggs, and daily protein shakes complete with supplements. Not to mention he was a college athlete, and I gave up on my love of soccer to party hardy.

It's easy to hate on some people at the gym. You know, the perfectly dressed lady with a great body. I sometimes look at these ladies and want to cry. But then it hits me... How can I hate on another woman that is working hard and at the gym? Maybe, the difference actually comes down to hard work and dedication.

Melinda Keesee can attest that it takes both of those traits to make it to the top. And she can also attest that you shouldn't hate women that look great, because even the most perfect appearing people have insecurities. After interviewing Melinda, I realized that she looks so fit because she puts her body, mind, and soul into achieving her goals and I for one can learn from that.

Not to put too much of her business out there, but after interviewing Melinda, I realized that just because you look wonderful doesn't mean that you don't lack body confidence. She shared with me how over the years she has personally struggled with her weight. As many are aware, running is a sport where you are expected to be really lean and light. She spoke candidly about how her weight fluctuated and she struggled with everything from being scared about having to sport a tankini in public to over exercising causing weight increases. Who would have ever thought! Hmmm... Is it sad that I love someone who has internal issues even more?

Melinda has since studied nutrition extensively and is running faster and longer than ever while being at an extremely comfortable and healthy weight. What many people do not realize is that if you do not get the proper nutrients that you need your body will shut off certain basic functions. Ultimately, she now counsels clients to: "Find a place where you feel confident and powerful, but keep in mind we all have a set weight and what ever that weight is, if you try to get below it dramatic things have to change. It should not be about the weight but about what the weight gives you in self esteem. And really it is not even about weight but body fat. If you have a low body fat percentage with any weight, then I can almost guarantee you that you will feel happy and secure." Ahh... love.

When asked if anyone can be a runner, Melinda responded with this:

I truly believe that anyone and everyone can be a runner. For some people it takes a little longer but ultimately, if I take time off now and start running again with a newbie runner, it would be uncomfortable for both of us. There really is no secret to why some people make it seem easier than others. It boils down to the fact that I have practiced it longer and have gotten over the initial shock of it all. I can guarantee that at the beginning of my career I was the same as everyone else. The smarter you start a running program, the easier it is to continue to do, and the longer you do it, the better it becomes. The benefit to running is simple. The lower your heart rate while running the more fat you burn; therefore the easier it feels. As you become a better runner your body burns an increased amount of fat just being you. So when you go on vacation or do not have time to workout for whatever the reason, your body burns fat at a higher rate, thus keeping weight off, even without exercise. The stronger your heart muscle, because that is what it is a muscle, the more fat and calories you burn. Why would anyone not want that? It is completely worth the uncomfortable start to running. There is a science behind it and I am more that happy to explain it.

Darn, I guess she's not giving me permission to hang up my running shoes yet. But, if you happen to read this, any advice on how I can train for a 5k that I'll run say... this Sunday?

Melinda is full of information and says that the key to starting is to learn from a guru of sorts. The more information you have going into it, then the more likely you are to stick with it. ""If I tell you, if you run this, then you will feel this way, and it happens you are more likely going to stick to a program or attain your goal. The more knowledge you have behind it, and the more you realize why things are happening, and want those end results, the better. Running is a mental game so the better prepared you are mentally, the more likely you are going to surprise yourself physically."

She is available for consultations and will do everything from write a program for you all the way to run with you three times a week... Take note Brendan, if you are reading this... Merry Christmas to me! Major brownie points babe, major points if you hook me up.:)-

When asked what her favorite quote was, she responded, "I do not have a favorite quote. I am extremely competitive and if you tell me I can not do something, I will go down fighting to prove you wrong. I do not handle disappointment well so I try to never fail. That does not mean I don't put myself in situations where I could not fail, I do that all the time, I just learn from every mistake and make the proper adjustments to not fail again.

Maybe I just found the difference right there. And maybe I should learn from it!

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