Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guest Post: Saban is Sexy

Suzanne Vann. It kind of has a ring to it, doesn't it? In our dream world, that's our pen name. We, being my best friend, Ash, and I. It's actually both of our middle names... Our dream is to one day live at the beach for a summer and spend our days writing a novel. For some reason, I think that is years away considering we'd have four kids throwing sand within two minutes if we ignored them at this point in our lives. But one day, when we're old and gray, it will happen.

Ashley is a southern gal to a tee. And I'm just a flake with a dirty mind, so I would like to believe our book could be quite a read. Think Scarlett meets Rhett in the modern world with a twist of V.C. Andrews soft porn. *Parents- Don't applaud your children for reading just any chapter book. To this day, I don't think our mamas really knew what good ole' V.C. was teaching us.

One day, Ash and I got to talking about how when we were younger, we often wondered if when we aged, if we would think old men were sexy. Back in the day, we'd look at older men and think they were disgusting. Well, the answer is yes. Can I get an AMEN for sexy older men? It also set us on a rampage about how much easier older men have it than us middle-aged women... which led to the following guest post by Ashley Vann. Enjoy!

An interesting thing happened today as I was walking along the Quad at the University of Alabama before the football game. There were the usual signs that it was a game day in T-Town, you know school was closed for the day, people had been tailgating since dawn, the RV's had been on campus for days, Herbie and the ESPN Game Day crew were here- just the normal things down here in the Great State of Alabama. As we met up with my precious niece, Kristen, and some of her sorority sisters to take them to dinner, I couldn't get over the fact that here were these beautiful 18 and 19 year old girls dressed so stylish (Yes, we wear dresses to football games! It is just one of those things we Southerners do. It's like sweet tea and saying yes ma'am.) and yet they ALL had on a sticker that said SABAN IS SEXY. Now for those of you who don't follow college football or who have never had the privilege of keeping up with SEC Football, Saban is Nick Saban, the Head Coach. One would think that he was the quarterback or maybe the star running back that these cute young things were promoting as sexy but No. It is the 50-something Head Coach. This really got me thinking- Have I ever seen a sticker, sign, poster or anything promoting a 50-something woman as sexy??? I can't think of one. How is it that men get better with age? Is this one of the repercussions for Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden???? Is it like the curse, something we must endure and if so, how is that even close to fair?

We all know that men can get away with oh so much more than women can. Salt and pepper hair on a man- it can be pretty hot! I'd do George Clooney any day. On a woman, we would probably talk about her behind her back and ask when she was going to get her roots done. Facial hair... it works for men. I will be the first to admit I love me some scruff but ummm... not so much on the ladies. A man can have himself a beer belly but if you pair it with a great job and a halfway decent personality, he is suddenly someone you might want to take home to meet your Mama! I think it is pretty safe to say that the same is not true for a woman. Is this a double standard? Well sure it is, but for some reason I just don't think that it is going to change any time soon. Granted there are by far more "cougars" out there now then there once were but I think the trophy wife still reigns supreme. I just can't think of a single cougar that I personally know but I do know a few trophy wives and while they are as sweet as they can be, I have wondered about the "first" wife. You know the one that put him through medical school, and then there was the residency all the while raising the kids and running a household with pretty much no help. While accomplishing all of this, she was becoming damaged goods, as my dear friend's husband told me when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child, Bless his heart he just didn't know that you don't say that to a pregnant lady! I think that these women are the ones that deserve a trophy!

While I think that it is safe to say that Jamie Lee Curtis, Barbara Walters, Sigourney Weaver and Jessica Lange probably aren't going to be on my husband's radar for his cougar, I can honestly say that I don't come close to having Bieber Fever. Nor do I find any young twenty somethings making me jones. But if you change that and put Pierce Brosnan, Bruce Willis, Tim McGraw and a favorite of mine since I was 17, Sean Connery, I would touch up my lips and serve up homemade grits in nothing but an apron any day.:)

And since I've had this realization today, I think I'll hit the gym, wax my chin, make my hair appointment, and do a few kegals. Because those youngin's at the ball game aren't the only ones that find Saban Sexy.

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