Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'll Be Back...

Dear Readers...

What's shakin' your bacon? Just thought I would

you a ____________.:)

I'll be back (of course said like Arnold)... Famous last words, right!?! Just wanted to let ya know I'm gone, but hopefully not forgotten... and hope to return super soon! Things have just been crazy busy- full of kid's activities, deadlines for the magazine, my Nanny entering the hossy... you name it, and it's happened!

Looking forward to getting back in the groove and returning to my online diary ASAP... like tomorrow.:)


(Did you ever used to write that on notes at school? And that got me wondering- do kids in school even write notes to each other, or do they text, just talk, etc.? I know I used to covet the good "note folders" and the anticipation of a good, LONG note from a friend. And if it was secretly passed without the teacher knowing, it meant even more.:) I think LYLAS (love ya like a sister) and TTYL was just us being way ahead of our time back then- one little step away from LOL and other internet slang. Yes, random thought of the day.:))


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