Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let it all out...

Olaf. My hubby still cringes when he is referred to as that. Well, either cringes, or threatens someones life- depeding on whose tongue that four letter word rolls off of.

And today, I know why.

I never got it... but then again that's because I was always so proud of his 6'5" body of greatness. I, personally, have a thing for tall guys- and that's one of the first things that attratcted me to him. But now that I'm the "big" girl in class, trust me, I don't want people referring to me as "Big Mama" or anything big, round, and in my mind derogatory... even if it is in a loving way.

We all have insecurities- and today mine were full-fledged raw. I just happened to be in a kickboxing class standing behind a cute, little, petite gal. When looking inthe mirror, you could literally see her body, and still see mine surrounding hers. In fact, I was heavier than all the men in the class.:(

Yes, I'm officially the fat chick in class- and I've never been that girl.

To make matters worse- LA Boxing is like riding a bike, and I can still hang. At least when the instructor's looking. I'm much slower, not nearly as hard, and I have to pull the "slack off and rotate around my bag so the instructor can't see me" move throughout the entire class- but I still know what I'm doing. Unfortuneatly for me... that means I was called on to demonstrate things in class today.

It gave me a huge confidence boost- since I was feeling grotesque at the moment- that is until all eyes were on me.

Yep, picture this- the entire class watching me do a combination. I was feeling it and pounding on my bag...

Jab, Jab, Cross, Hook, Kick, PFFFFTTTTTTT.....

Toot. Yep, I let 'er rip, busted ass, cut the cheese- whatever you want to call it- right in class when I was front and center. Trust me- I didn't intentionally let one slide- it just came from no where. It was the first time in my life I would have been happy to have silent but deadly farts- I could have dealt with the smell and given a disturbed look like "who did that?"... but there was no hiding my vibrating butt cheeks and horn sound.

Fabulous. Big Mama doesn't sound so bad... it's much better than Skidz. Olaf has nothin' on me.:)

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