Monday, September 5, 2011

It's GO Time!

I'm back bitches!:)

I have two choices... I can wallow in my sorrow that summer is officially over and the pool has closed. Don't worry, I did that today as we said good-bye to our Slovakian lifeguards. I shed a tear on the way out and reminisced about my days perched by the pool all summer catching some rays, watching my children laugh, and enjoying life. It was easy... and FUN! Best.Summer.Ever...

But now I'm paying for it.

I quit working out completely and packed on the weight. Like no joke, got BIG.

I can be sad about the routine of school, the approaching colder weather, and my weight. Or, I can welcome it with open arms like never before and be up for a challenge. And instead of falling into seasonal depression, I choose the later.

I have a new goal. And it's bigger than ever. Are ya ready?

TWO BABIES IN TWO YEARS. Yep. You read that right!

I'm officially challenging myself to have two babies in two years.

Tonight I'm nine months preggo, and I have a scheduled delivery at 5 in the morning- when my hubby and I will meet in the basement and begin a new chapter of our lives. Well, ya might as well look at it like that- since I am less than five pounds away from what I weighed on the night before I gave birth to both of my children.

Only, I don't have a baby in my belly. Or a placenta, or water weight, or anything that goes along with a baby. I just have about 40 buns in the oven... Ya know, like bread buns from snacking on carbs all day every day for the past year.

So, tomorrow morning, I start my journey to lose thirty pounds- all the baby weight that should have been gone... let's see... four years ago. I have an entire pregnancy's weight to lose- baby and all. Eeek!!!

Big Daddy B and I are having a date in the basement tomorrow morning to work out... and this time I'm going to Push It, Push It, Push It real good as we begin cardio, weights, and abs together as a team. :)

Many tell me to just go ahead and get knocked up. But ladies, I'm too vain... and if I get preggo at the weight I am now, I really think I'd reach the point of no return.

I AM LOSING THIS WEIGHT. I feel fat, I look fat, and I am fat... And it's disgusting. I'd love to say I'm losing this weight once and for all... But once I lose it, you'll get to hear about my journey to have a little one next year- because now the hubby is on board, and we want to become a party of five.:)

To be continued...

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