Friday, December 30, 2011


When we were younger, we always made New Years Resolutions- but the past few years, I bandwagoned with tons of other people and said Resolutions are for the birds. Ya know, the whole philosophy about why make goals one time a year when you should have them all the time. And why make a goal that you know you aren't going to achieve or see through.

But this year, I'm changing things up. Instead of crapping out so that I don't set my self up for failure and thinking:

If you don't try, you can't fail~

I've decided to set myself up for success by at least trying:

You can't succeed if you don't try!

So here they are folks... my 2012 New Years Resolutions- on the record.:)

1) Reach my 140's on the scale. I don't care if it's 149.999- I just want the first two digits of my weight to be 14. I know that still seems high to some, but look folks, I'm a five niner.:) And I also know that we shouldn't worry about what the number is on the scale- but I'm a woman, and it matters dammit.

2) Wash my face at night. I know, I totally should be doing this and I'm paying for all those years that I haven't... but let me tell ya- It's a lot easier to lick my finger and just get the black off from underneath my eyes and head out the door in the morning to take my daughter to preschool then to reapply my "face". Oh well, maybe this will also teach me that beauty is only skin deep and I don't need my gobs of goo at.all.times.:)

3) Break 25 minutes in a 5k. I'm not a runner... but running is a challenge and I'm up for it. Bring on the races.

4) Complete the Smith Mountain Lake triathlon. God-willing. We re-joined a gym with a pool so that I can work on my stroke... I mean learn to swim.:) Ya know how you have things on your bucket list- well, this is one of mine. There's this little voice inside me telling me that I still can be active. This year I want to find my inner-athlete.

5) Have family pictures taken- no.matter.what. Year after year, I put this off because I'm vain and want to look good in the picture. I've come to realize that my friends and family truly don't care how I look- it's just my own issue.

6) Read to my children every night. Sounds so simple... and honestly we usually do this most nights. But, I will admit, some evenings I'm so tired, worn out, and ready to just chill by myself that I catch myself getting mad at the kids before bedtime and taking away books before bed for no real reason at all- except for the fact that it should probably be mommy that deserves the time out. When I skimp out on books, I ususally kiss and pray over the children while they asleep. I want them to remember me as the mommy that read, snuggled, and prayed with them every night.:)

7) Give it up more. Ha! For real though... Learn to love my body, and let my hubby love it more and more like he wants.:) I'm lucky to have a hubby that loves me for me and I shouldn't get hung up on my roll or flab jiggling. All-out sex is always worth the effort in the end over a "Oh, honey, just stick it in night." Now the resolution is to remember that when I'm tired, haven't shaved, and need a shower. LOL.

8) To show people how I love them. My Nanny didn't have text, she didn't have Facebook, she didn't have e-mail... none of this crap. These days, it's so easy to hide behind technology instead of living life as we should. This year I want to work on showing those that I care about how I feel. I want to bake a cake for a friend, send a card in the mail, flake out less on playdates when I'm overwhelmed, and live to love. And more than anything, I want to be how my Nanny was to me to others.

9) To worry less, laugh more, and not care that I have dirty floors. Last time I checked, dirty laundry and a pair of shoes by the front door never killed anyone. Work on my OCD.:)

10) To make 2012 the year I got my groove back- The year I finally beat my weight problem, and the year that I put off trying for a baby because of the way I look...

Wish me luck.:)

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  1. Ha, l'm laughing at #5 because we have family pics in a few days and I'm dreading them. My mom wanted them for her x-mas present and I'm like, "I still have 5lbs to lose!"

    Good Luck!