Thursday, February 2, 2012

Did Someone Say Challenge?!?

Suckkkkaaaaa! OK- At least now I know where I get it from. A couple weeks ago, my mom and I went to an I Am Modern event- "All About Me" in Stone Ridge. There were tons of businesses geared towards taking women's money- I mean stimulating the economy and helping make us our better self. Before it was over, I had almost agreed to yet another jewelry party and become an Avon Lady on the spot- but luckily this time I stayed strong. My mom, on the other hand, walked away with a hundred dollar bra. Did you know they now have home parties for undergarments!?! Yep, you can get your spanx, bras, anything ya need from "The Bra Lady." Yep, my mom entered a closet with that very lady for a "free bra measurement" and five minutes later coughed up eighty buckaroos for a bra and almost fifteen for shipping. You'd think it was cute and sexy... but it looked straight up like a Maidenform. Sorry mom, you too were suckered.

Well, today, that was me... but ya know what I've decided? You are only suckered if you let it happen. If that grandma-ish bra fits my mama like a glove- then she wasn't suckered. And if I had actually ever attempted to have a party or tried at all at Willow House, Mary Kay, Premier Desings Jewerly, Thirty-One... and the list goes on, then I might have been successful- and not a sucker. So, we'll see how this new "investment" pans out... in 93 days.

Yep, I know it's totally corny to join a "challenge" but that's me- corny. But I know that I need some motivation so I ordered some Body By Vi shakes from Visalus. And I had my daughter take those dreaded before pictures and I'm on a mission. The shakes don't arrive until the 6th... so tomorrow is Day one... but I don't really get the shakes until Monday, so we'll just call this a 93 day challenge... Just in time for sweet, sweet summatime.:)

So, what do I plan to do in this challenge? Oh, ya know, just win the cruise and 25 g's. LOL.... sooooo kidding. Sometimes ya just gotta dream though.:) But for real, here's a little insight:

-Workout Daily- Hard... Meaning take classes, meet with a trainer, and fit in cardio, and train for a triathlon (more on that later)

-Eat Healthy- I met with Christy Hastings from Fit Solutions for Life last week for a nutritional coaching session. Don't worry- I'm not going to be living off of shakes. I mean, really, if you are one of the handful of people that still check in on this blog, you should know better- This girl is gonna eat. But, I plan on using all or her tips- Pretty much whole foods, healthy eating, detox from soda and add water, etc. I started drinking a protien shake for breakfast this week and it really seemed to help. My plan is to make two protien shakes out of one packet by adding fresh fruit/veggies, etc. and then split it and have half at breakfast and then the other half at lunch with my meal.

-Blog... Though my blogs won't be exciting or have interesting content- for the time being, I need to just blog for me. For accountability, to gain encouragement, and to stay on track.

-Look forward to so many things- A summer where I'm not hiding behind a towel, buying a cute dress for Butt-Butt and J.D.'s wedding, and who knows- Maybe even wearing shorts instead of capri's... Crazier things have happened peeps!

So there ya have it... I'm challenging myself. Challenging myself to stay on track and put my own health first. I look forward to sharing tips, my ups and downs, and more about Body By Vi- but don't worry- I'm a buyer not a seller... No worries!

Do ya think I can do it? Should I repeat the deal... May 5th before and afters- a deal is a deal.:)


  1. Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

  2. You make me laugh!!!! Ok, how about a brand new company???? You can get in at the start of the company....just check it out :). There is really good money to be made in network marketing. And since this is a brand new company, it isn't saturated as the other companies are.

    erin :)

  3. hey, I know Christy! I used to teach with her at a gym! Small world.....
    I so need to get on this healthy eating wagon!!