Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's about to get real...

Gimmicks... I love them, and I'm a sucker... And I'm gonna love it when I prove doubters wrong! Yes, I've heard how Visalus or Body by Vi is a big pyramid scheme, doesn't work, etc. etc... but I need to do something and the eating healthy thing just isn't going so well for me...

This girl is gonna give Vi shakes a chance... and I'm making my great return to LA Boxing- because I believe in that more than anything. Is it possible for history to repeat itself and for me to drop 30 pounds, feel better, and look great in 3 1/2 months... I hope... and I'm counting on it because I'm about to post the most embarrassing video ever because I want to win $1,000 from Visalus. Yep, sucker right here. I know it.:) Here goes nothing... and please cheer me on. I can do this, right!?!

.... Had to take video down until B tells me how to fix it...:)

P.S... I'm not selling Body by Vi so don't go dodging me in the grocery stores... Now if I lose the lbs, it might be a different story, but I'll let ya know before I go begging ya to have a shake party.:)

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