Saturday, January 23, 2010


Boo Freakin' Hoo. I'm up. And it stinks. I wanted to be in the 150's this week and it's not gonna happen.:( It's not all my fault though. I was shocked, after scaring me the week before, Justin didn't get on my case much this past week. Maybe, he picked up that I was at my breaking point. Ya see, a week with no child care due to a traveling hubby, a viewing, and a funeral is not a fun week. I've also been having some personal struggles lately that probably sound ridiculous to some, but what can I say, I have attachment issues (nothing major... a blog is to come:)).

Weekly Weigh-In: 162.2

Yuck. I'm not proud of that, and I knew it was coming. I had good days and I had some very bad days last week. I'm such an emotional eater... and when things are stressful, I blow it. I hate to see people I care about sad, and I know excuses are like a$$holes- everyone has one and they all stink- but it's the truth. I had a hard week. I also made some food choices that set me back that weren't all my fault. My mother-in-law came into town to help with the kids for a few days- she even attended a kickboxing class.:)

She looks great, doesn't she? Yeah, it sucks having a mother-in-law that looks better than you. She's a great cook, and is usually very health concious, so when she brought up some poppyseed bread- Me being the hippy wanna-be that I am thought poppyseeds are natural and full of good stuff. I guess they can be, but not when the bread is pretty much a cake full of sugar. Strike one. I also had good intentions when I ate a homemade chicken and rice mixture. I thought I was the picture of health... until Justin said the rice wasn't whole grain and was way too many carbs for me. Stike two. And then, there was the real bomb that happened. I went to a boxing class, and stopped by that damn Wegman's, and managed to down not one, but two bagels on the five minute drive home. Strike three, I'm out.

This week, my cousin, and fellow LA Boxer, J.D., called me a success story. It was so sweet... and it's nice to know that people are noticing change (eventhough I'm long way from being a "success story"). But it's like this... I have to get on the ball or I'm so gonna be passed over with this golden opportunity that I'm sooooo thankful for. I mean, for real, in this economy for a business owner to give someone a chance to make a change is unreal. Thank you so much Debra.

I'm armed and ready for this week. I went back to square one and grilled some chicken, steamed some brocolli, and cut up fruits and veggies... because if they aren't accessible, that's where the trouble begins.

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."

- Conan O'Brien, on his final night hosting The Tonight Show on NBC

Here's to a new beginning and to a week of hard work. And to hoping that one day I truly am a real success story.

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