Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man, I feel like a Woman...

Women are crazy. Or at least I am... and I like to think that I'm not the only one, so just go along with me.:) We sometimes do weird things because we think it's going to "motivate" us. I tend to have my hubby take a lot of pictures of me...

No~ get your mind out of the gutter. Not those kinds of pictures... But tons of "before" pictures. I think I've had him take over 100 "Body for Life" pictures because I was convinced I could complete twelve weeks on the program and win the grand prize. Too bad I never made it past week one. I also have him take pictures of me in certain clothes... and make a goal to fit in them again. This was a couple months ago, and it's me trying to squeeze into my prom dress. Wishful thinking! HA!

Yesterday was a tough day. I have been so happy because I've finally been seeing some changes. We decided to take the kids swimming at Claude Moore and it was like a total buzz kill... seeing myself in a bathing suit made me realize how much farther I still have to go. Luckily, my trainer met up with me and went over my meal plan again... and I have rededicated myself to clean eating. This morning things started to look up. We were getting ready for church, and I went to grab my handy dandy go-to black pants. I have one pair that I wear practically every Sunday because they are the only pair I can squeeze into. My closet is a mess and my normal black pants were wrinkled, so I went for a pair that hasn't fit forever... and when I say forever, I'm talkin' pre-Addie, and she is 2 1/2. These pants have been fresh from the drycleaners and just one month ago, I couldn't even button them...

If you're happy and ya know it, clap your hands... Lookie, lookie!!!

Ahhh... today was a much better day... I may not have an "after" picture, but I at least have a "progress" picture. And let me tell ya, I was in a much better mood after my hubby took this picture.:)

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  1. You are awesome Shell, I noticed a big change in you last night. Keep up the hard work!! You are inspiring all of us