Tuesday, January 19, 2010

People Change

I've been taking a lot of Adam's classes lately... and after the first 15 minutes I'm already worn out. Can we say hardest.warm-up.ever.? During the rounds this week, he came over to my bag and said, "Come on, Killa!" Now granted, "killa" was just used as a common greeting that he probably uses to many students... but it got me going.

Some people say that people can't change, but I totally disagree. I think everyone can change... and throughout their life, they do. If ya don't believe me, then...

How come I used to HATE cartoons with a passion, and now I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and actually enjoy jamming out to the Hot Dog song?

How come I used to despise spaghetti, and now with a big mound of cheese on top of it, it's one of my favorite foods? And no, Justin, I didn't eat any recently- Simmer down!

How come I used to sleep like a log and if anyone ever disturbed me, I went ballistic. Now, I wake up several times a night just to check on my children... you know- to make sure they're breathing and all?

How come I used to be the meanest, roughest soccer player ever? I was the queen of yellow cards... and now I'm too timid to ask for honey at McDonald's by myself?

I could go on and on, but my point is, people do change. And more importantly, life changes. I was talking with my cousin Lauren about LA Boxing the other day (she joined, too- if you saw a girl grind on Elvis, she did it out of pure nervousness... she claims) and we were talking about how it sucks not to be athletic anymore. We sounded like old men reminiscing about their high school football days or something... but it's true. Sports were once a very large part of our lives... and now, quite frankly, there isn't an athletic bone in our bodies. It sucks. I look around the class, and I'm sure so many of the people there have awesome stories about their glory days. It also hit me that there are some people in class that weren't into sports... and now they are some of the best students in class. Prime example- I was talking to a girl from high school in class... and while she didn't play sports in high school, she was able to hold a plank forever and still looked like she did the day she graduated... damn bitch... JUST KIDDING... and there I was plopping on my belly and struggling. I hate it. But, the cool thing is... that at LA Boxing, everyone can find their inner-athlete. I'm starting to find that aggression and power I once had, and I like it. So, it may just be beating up a sand-filled bag, but it feels good.

People do change. I've discovered that I like having a fire lit under my butt. So Adam, you can call me killer any day. It makes my day, and I like it.:)

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