Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moody Blues

It was a long weekend. I hate it when people you want to prove wrong are right. I just hate it! Justin said this would happen. After I debuted my progress pictures, he told me not to fall off the wagon. He said most people do, and he was right.

I guess it's kind of like training hard for a marathon. You train, train, train, and build up to a huge event. You run the race, and then it's done. Over. And then what? Not that I would ever run a marathon, I'm just sayin'.

It's sooo easy to live life with an "All or Nothing" mentality. I know I do when it comes to dieting. You know, like: Today I didn't make it to the gym, so let's chuck today out the window. I might as well go to McDonald's and then get a box of Enteman's cheese crumb cake and eat the entire thing. In my defense, I will have you know that nothing compares to a soda from McDonald's. Or a sweet tea. There's something about their thick plastic straw that just makes it taste better.

So, this weekend was definitely a "nothing" weekend for me. To all the single ladies out there- you really need to put your hands up! And pat yourselves on the back. My hubby was on a trip this weekend, and I don't know how you ladies do it- because I am beat! I wasn't able to make it to LA Boxing due to child care and I ate to my heart's desire. Somehow I had a love affair with Apple Jacks that just wouldn't end.

But ya know what, today is a new day. I have to stay focused. Afterall, now that I put on a few pounds, I'm back to needing to lose twenty more pounds. UGH. During one of the sessions at the conference, one of the speakers said something that really hit home:

"Emphasize improvement, not perfection."

It's so true. I don't have to be perfect, but instead of wasting days away feeding my face, I need to at least try for some improvement. I might not follow the dietary guidelines to perfection, but each week I'm going to give myself one goal to acheive. This week, I'm not going to eat after 7pm. Does anyone have a lock to put on my fridge? Because I have a feeling I'm gonna need it!:)

Oh, and just so ya know, my long term goal is to actually wear a bikini this summer. Not every day- I mean I do have two children that will be tugging on me at the pool... and when I make them leave the pool for naptime, I'm sure carrying them out in a bikini would be an accident waiting to happen! I'm not trying to be all hoochie mamaish, but if I could just have a tan stomach, I'd be so happy. I've missed that. I'm headed to the gym... and can't wait to pound something.:)


  1. Sounds like fun. Pounding something that is. I can relate, I have a problem continuing momentum after an event or goal is achieved.

    I don't have a fridge lock, but thanks for reminding me. I need to get one for when I have to take Ambien to SLEEP. :)

    Have a good day, and get that tan stomach!

  2. I think this may be the first time I am commenting. I saw you speak at Fitbloggin but I never went over to introduce myself! I wish I had! not beat yourself up about slip ups! damn! They happen to the best of us!! Now, the trick is to dust yourself off and get right back to the game!!

    I hope you got a great workout in and feel better!

    much love, Jen

  3. I think it's a success in itself that you're back on track after just a few days!

    I tend to be an "all or nothing" girl, too, but I'm working on it. I love that quote: "Emphasize improvement, not perfection." I think I'll make that my mantra as I try to get more active in April. Looking forward to motivating each other!