Friday, March 19, 2010

Stay Tuned...

I'm freaking out right now. I'm not gonna lie. This week has been a whirlwind... and I'm about to attend my first conference EVER. Not to mention I will be on stage- showing my before picture to fellow bloggers! I'd love to have a stiff drink, but somehow I think that defeats the purpose of being at a convention about fitness! HA!

So, besides selling our house, moving, and getting settled this week, I had a photoshoot for a magazine! We'll be debuting my progress pictures- Yes, they are only progress pictures at Fitbloggin'. When I drop another 15 pounds, I'll take after pictures.:) Check back on Monday to see where this journey has taken me!

For now, here's a little sneak peak... Everyone should have a make-up artist and stylist once in their life. It totally beats drying my hair while entertaining two children. Oh, and if I was drying my hair, that would mean I actually got a shower- which means it was a good day.:)


  1. your story is awesome and you look amazing! Keep up the great work and congratulations!

  2. So nice to meet you this weekend! Take care!