Saturday, April 17, 2010

Please say it isn't so

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I have become my mother afterall."

Hot damn, it's happened. I've turned into my mother and now history is repeating itself. I'm constantly catching myself doing and saying things my mom used to say when we were growing up. I used to think she was crazy when she freaked out about shoes being left by the door or when I put dirty dishes in the sink. I'd snap at her, "Don't have a cow Mom!" Now, I'm the one freaking out about shoes left in the foyer, and I must admit I have chewed my hubby out more than once when he dirties my freshly cleaned sink. I hated when she made us visit Sterling Antiques in her search for the perfect quilt, and now I enjoy driving to the shops in Lucketts. The list goes on and on.

When I was younger, my mom and aunt were in their thrirties, and they would sometimes shop in the Junior's section. I remember they bought B.U.M. sweatshirts from the Hecht's Junior department and I was so embarassed when they wore them. They were thirty- And thirty is way too old to shop in the Junior's section.

I would never step foot in JCPenney growing up. I thought it was the homliest, cheapest store ever- and now it's one of my go-to stores. I mainly shop in the women's section, but I admit- I am over thirty- and you can catch me shopping in the Junior section at times- only for flowy shirts and cute accessories.:)

This week, I was browsing away when I saw this:

WTF? Growing up, my mom would laugh when things she wore came back in style. I once borrowed her painter's pants from when she was younger and rocked them. Please tell me that I'm not so old that things from when I was younger are making their way back.

This makes me want to shout- "Criss Cross is gonna make you Jump, Jump!"

And for the record- JCPenney- you guys lose your cool with this one. It is just wrong on sooooo many levels. This is one fashion statement that had no right to come back! Why don't you throw a hip pack on the mannequin while you're at it?

My son had his first t-ball game this weekend. It seems like just yesterday he was a baby and I couldn't wait to enroll him in an activity. Where has the time gone? I sure am feeling older by the minute. Can someone please tell me when Dave Matthews turned into classic rock? I'm looking forward to a week of turning back the clock and moving forward on this journey. No more setbacks or throwbacks for that matter!


  1. aaagggghhh! your post is making me feel old!

    yet i am cracking up because I can (sadly) relate on so many levels. I used to be embarrassed when my mom would make me go to jc penneys with her. Oh, the HORROR! :)

    Yes, can we turn back the clock for awhile?

  2. OMG, as soon as I saw pic I was singing that in my head! That is so lame, I know! we must be same age, or close.

    I gotta tell ya, if I get to the size where I can find something in the juniors section, I am gonna but it just because I can!!