Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I thought I was in the clear. I had hidden all the evidence- and the hubby wouldn't have a clue about my little rendezvous until he looked at the checking account (I HATE debit postings on-line- I can't get anything by this man!). I bee-bopped into the house and joyfully sang, "I'm a Weight Watcher." And then my hubby asked what was on my shirt? Oops- there was a big glob of congealed cheese con queso smack dab on my chest. I guess that's what I get for stopping by Anita's for a treat before I start counting my points... for real this time.

Ms. Donna would not have been happy about my eating habits yesterday. I began my morning with an English muffin and was planning on weighing in at 12:30. But when 10:00 rolled around, I figured I might as well be as heavy as I possibly could be at my first weigh-in so that next week I'd see progress. Three cookies and an asagio bacon sandwich later, I was headed to officially join Weight Watchers. I did resist putting on heavy jewelry to add to my poundage. When I weighed in, I was thankful I did... because I was up- way up. After the meeting, I proceeded to drive by Anita's for a breakfast burrito and chips and queso. I thought I might as well have one last hoo-rah before I start my new eating plan. That was until we decided to go out for dinner and I had a love affair with the crab wontons. If you ever want Chinese food-the Asian Spice Cafe in Brambleton is great- the crab wontons are heaven in a fried shell.:) But this morning, I'm on it- I'm counting my points and following the Weight Watchers program. And I will have to say- the one cup serving of cheerios I just ate felt like a drop in the bucket. I guarantee I usually triple that when I make a bowl of cereal... Portion control is not going to be my friend!!!

I decided to finally take the plunge and join Weight Watchers because I know it works... I know tons of people that have lost weight using the program. I am NOT a protein shake and salad girl- and I never will be. I tried. I am not a low carb girl, and I am not a cabbage soup girl. I'm not a health nut, and I'm not a follow any kind of restrictive diet gal. I am not, I am not, I am not. I am a foodie. I love all foods and lots of it. What can I say? I truly believe that Weight Watchers is a program that can be a lifestyle not a diet. I know, that's pretty cliche- but the fact of the matter is- if I want my snickers bar, I can have it!

After weighing in, I stayed for the meeting- led by my new best friend Donna. Donna is a Weight Watchers leader and I know she's been doing it for a long time. I know this because I can guarantee you I've joined Weight Watchers at least 30 times in the past five years. I remember taking my son Chris when he was a few weeks old and going to a meeting held by Donna. Same facility, but it was in a different room. That was five years ago. I've joined Weight Watchers in Ashburn, Leesburg, and Cascades... I kept hopping around because I didn't want to keep going back to the same facility and not have lost any weight!

I really enjoyed the meeting yesterday- I was feeling horrible at first. Donna is this perfectly coiffed and accessorized woman and she was talking about date night with her hubby. I was getting pissed- thinking why can't I be like her and have it all together... and then she mentioned that her children are grown. It was like music to my ears- Maybe, one day, that will be me- Dressed to the nines and having dates over wine with my hubby. Now I at least have something to look forward to when the kids leave me.

Overall, it was a great meeting... It's like AA. It's just nice to be around other people that struggle like I do. It was nice to see people having successes, and it was nice to hear tips that might help me through my weak moments. I even learned a new word- Snacktastic... loves it.:) Now, if I can just use these tips...

We were given a sheet titled "Reframing." Usually I would have come home from the meeting and chucked this piece of paper, but last night I actually went over it. Its intention is to help change an unwanted habit. I keep a spic and span house. But my car is a whole different story. It's disgusting. I could fully feed five homeless men with the crumbs and junk in my car. I shudder when I have to pick my son up from preschool and the teacher's see my car. I have a horrible habit that I have to be eating when I'm driving. I prefer a diet coke and something crunchy. After going through this worksheet and feeling like a third grader- It actually made me think about this behavior and how I can work to change it. It also made me realize that losing weight does take work. I'm ready to go to work this week. I'm armed with my handy, dandy point’s calculator and I'll be in classes at LA Boxing... Let's see how it goes!

Oh and BTW- FREE daycare at the Weight Watchers meeting in Ashburn at 12:30. Anyone wanna join me?

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