Thursday, April 22, 2010

Never have I ever...

I'm coming out of the closet. I spend way too much time on the computer. Every night before bed instead of reading, folding laundry, or having wild sex- I check my sites and relax by reading the likes of Perez Hilton. It calms me down and it's how I prefer to spend my quality "me" time.

Lately, I've received a few random e-mails from blog readers. They usually start off by apologizing and saying that they are not stalkers. Ha! These e-mails excite me to no end (except when they are one of THE Whitman girls or Shannon Bagby saying they read my blog and I realize old friends have now seen my fat pictures and know that I don't look like my headshots I post on facebook). I am extremely flattered just to know that people find my boring life somewhat entertaining. It really does make my day.

The internet has come a long way since I was in middle school and my heart would skip a beat when I heard, "You've got mail." There's no need for a phone book, I have When I need to shop for the kid's clothing, I have a seat at my computer. Before I go to a restaurant, I check the menu out on-line. When my child gets sick, I google the symptoms. Who needs invitations, I can send an evite and save on the postage! When it's time to cook dinner, I order pizza- I mean search for a recipe...

Just so ya know, I LOVE getting your e-mails... And trust me- When you describe yourselves as a stalker, you have nothing on me. If it encourages any of you to come out of the closet, I'll start:

Never have I ever googled random people's names. Random as in the mother of my son's playmate, or a random mom I met at the park. Curiosity sometimes gets the best of me.:)

Never have I ever looked at someone's complete profile on facebook including all of their pictures- but didn't have the nerve to friend them.

Never have I ever blog stalked. Meg Brock- I've met you twice through our friend Jen. I have never talked to you except at Jen's wedding ages ago. But your blog sure is great- and your son is adorable. Oh- and Allison from Alabama. I have no clue who you are- but you dress your kids adorable. And my friend and I made a point to stop in Montgomery, Alabama to shop at a store you once name-dropped. I promise we aren't scary and you don't need a restraining order. Kelly from Kelly's Korner, I feel like we are besties... and I'm sure many other people feel the same way. I'm still waiting on my invite to Harper's birthday. Too bad you don't have a clue who I am.:)

Never have I ever typed random ex-boyfriends names into O.k.. Ashley- you are going down with me- In our defense, the kids were asleep and we were bored. For the record- he could have done way better. Ha!

Never have I ever peeked at my own on-line registry to see what gifts I'm receiving.

Never have I ever looked up recent home sales to see what my neighbor paid for their home... and if it was even possible for me to sell mine.

Never have I ever watched a corny video on You Tube (like "wear the fox hat") to get a good laugh. Never.

Never have I ever joined I mean and attended a playdate with a bunch of random women I've never met. At least I can now say the Leesburg/Ashburn Mom's group ROCKS and we are never without things to do!

Never have I ever e-mailed a plastic surgeon about the cost of a boob job and used a fake name.

Never have I ever sounded so insane. These might be more like confessions... and I need to stop!

I hope you enjoy this blog- and can at least admit to one!:)

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  1. Haha!! Never have I ever done ANY of those things either!! Oops, I meant . . . Never have I ever read your blog! :) But I promise I'm not a stalker ;) Does that mean I am? No seriously, you make me laugh! I love your blog. You are BEAUTIFUL both inside and out!! I was thinking about you yesterday b/c I took my first shower of the week. Man, you are right, I felt much better . . . and Jim greatly appreciated it!