Friday, April 23, 2010

Charla Krupp

Women fake a lot of things. We fake smiles. We fake being nice. We fake liking even the best of friends. We fake... I'll stop while I'm ahead. Today, I faked liking salad.

When you are offered a private interview over lunch with a New York Times bestseller author that usually spends her time chatting up with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray- You first pee in your pants, and then you fake liking salad... because that's the thing to do. You stress about where to put your napkin and what fork you are going to grab, and then you order a healthy lunch at the Ritz Carlton like all of your company. Too bad I should have been myself from the get-go and ordered the mac-n-cheese or burger... because there was nothing fake about the woman I interviewed- the very real Ms. Charla Krupp.

Thanks to an old high school friend who has a swanky job planning events for Bloomingdale's, I was able to spend a day chatting with Mrs. Krupp. Hmmm, meeting with famous people at Bloomingdale's makes my weekly trip to Bloom seem quite boring. Thanks so much Abbey, and thanks so much Charla for proving that you are real- eventhough you are making a pretty penny by teaching women how to fake being thin. You spent over an hour of your day with a housewife and amateur writer that has a readership under 100 and appeared happy to do so.

Charla seemed super down to earth and was quite frank with many of her answers. Basically she wrote a book that women can relate to after reading hundreds of fashion books that she says are all crap! Women love food and she compares fashion to "high fat" and "no fat foods." She focuses on four main "ingredients"- fit, fabric, shape, and color. If you buy her bestseller, "How to Never Look Fat Again," you will easily learn what works and what doesn't. This book is dummy proof- even for me.:)

Let's face it, if given the opportunity to drive a Lexus or a Chevy, a Lexus would win out. Charla has the ability to drive whatever she wants- and she still swears that sometimes the less-expensive products work just as well and even win out. She let us in on how she uses Oil of Olay products and more often than not is not dressed in designer duds. She even bashed the fashion industry for having fashion shows full of clothing real women can't- or wouldn't wear. Can you tell I was liking her more by the minute?;)

For all the details on our exclusive interview, look for a more professional article in an upcoming issue of I Am Modern magazine... but I bet you won't get the extra juicy inside scoop. Like how Charla took a picture with us, but asked that we use her publicity shots instead because she "wasn't even wearing her spanx." Ha! So maybe there is just a little fakeness to her... Or was she just being a real woman and demonstrating why we all need her book?:)

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  1. Keep up the good work Shelley. Proud of you :)