Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Dear Nick,

I decided to nut up this morning and come to your 9am class. Ever since I took a few weeks off, I've been scared to death to make the return to a 6am class because I fear for my life, and now I know why. Your classes kill me. And just so ya know, before today, I always believed the saying- "Cheaters never win and Winners never quit."

However, when you make us do four two minute rounds and then get us psyched up for "our last and final round"- and make the last round a six minute round, I do believe that you are cheating. You are completely misleading us. I go all-out for two minutes... and then two more minutes... and then one minute of "hands only" and then one minute of "feet only"- which in all reality makes three more rounds (just so ya know). But then I got to thinking, maybe, just maybe this saying is a false statement. None of us quit. And I do in fact think that you are turning us into a winner by cheating- so you win.

Therefore, thanks for being a cheater.


P.S. If any of you saw something that resembled toilet paper keep falling from my shorts today- please don't think bad of me. I swear somehow a tissue was caught in our wash and my clothes had pieces of it from the dryer. I promise. At least now ya know I had clean clothes on.:) Oh, and this is really about yesterday's class... I'm just now getting to posting my blog. I'm never just normal, am I?

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  1. I thought this WAS normal.

    DANG. Congrats on getting through! I hate cheaters. Sounds like it's making you super tough.