Friday, July 23, 2010

Body, Mind, and Soul

Let me be real with you guys... During the last month and a half of moving, being homeless, vacationing, and getting settled, I totally resorted to old habits and turned to food for comfort. I wasn't able to make it to LA Boxing because we've been busy packing, repacking, and getting settled. And I know I've probably lost half of my readership because, well, I suck. I'm just going to put it out there... The Knockout Mama lost by a knockout and I've gained back 17 of the 20 pounds that I lost. Yep, you read that right... I singlehandedly managed to gain back 17 pounds in a month and a half. It sucks. But what can I say- life got in the way.

I'm not gonna lie- the past few days I've been super down about it and I've been struggling to get on track. I've had the best of intentions- even stocking my pantry with healthy foods and snacks. And I tried to get a treat- those 100 calorie packs... but note to self: Don't ever buy the Mister Salty yogurt covered pretzels- because if you eat all six packages in one sitting- 100 calories turns into 600 calories. Oops.

Since we bought a foreclosure, we were left with a home with no gas... meaning no hot water until we were able to have Amerigas come out to our house so we could cough up 2,000 big ones for them to fill our tank. Not fun. We now have hot water, but for over a week, I would sporadically show up at the my gym to shower. I would drop my children off at the day care and write down that I was doing cardio/shower because I felt crazy just coming to the gym to shower. But it's funny how you learn things in the craziest of places.

Showering at the gym opened my eyes to so many things. It was so nice to actually shave my legs in peace. I was able to REALLY shave- as in not just up to the knee super fast. I was able to get everything... and I do mean everything. I was able to get ready, do my make-up and just watch other people.

Don't worry- I'm not a creeper... I don't stare at people in the locker room- I typically mind my own business. But I must admit, I might have glanced. It was nice to see that even some of the ladies with perfect bodies suffer from cellulite. And they are also covering up some problem areas... I've come to the conclusion that no one is perfect.

It was also endearing to hear locker room conversations. Is it bad that it made me smile when I saw a mom trying to discipline her children. They weren't listening and she was talking in a sweet voice trying to be nice, and I could so tell that she was really giving her kids a look like, "You are going to get the spanking spoon if you don't get you ass out of that bathing suit right now." Ha! That is sooo me. I try to not loose my cool and be really nice until my son ask, "Mommy why are you looking at me like that." He so calls me out on my evil grimmace."

I also overheard a mom and her daughters talking:

"Mommy, why do you always wear the same swimsuit and we have lots of different ones?"

"Well, because your swimsuits cost less and mine are like $100."

"But Mom, every year you wear the same one."

"I know, I've had this one for like six years. Tell your Daddy I need a new one."

HA! It's sooo nice to know it's not just me. I made the big mistake of buying a Costco swimsuit for $19.99 this year. I can't pass anything up animal print and I was thinking I could just sqeeze it in with my grocery bill. Unfortuneatly, my hubby noticed and I've been stuck with an unflattering suit all summer. Ugh!

So, long story short, maybe a gym is good for more than working out. Since I obviously haven't worked out and improved my body, at least I've calmed my nerves and had a little chicken soup for the soul.:)

I'm still without internet. Verizon comes in T-6 days. And I can't wait to tell you what I have in store. Stay tuned... pretty please!?!

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  1. if it makes you feel any better, my sister got busted by her gym daycare when she left to go to TACO BELL! How embarrassing!! :)

    glad you are moved in and getting back on track. I know exactly where you are coming from and it's tough to get back on that veggie wagon!