Thursday, July 15, 2010

For the Love of Food

"You really love food!"

Let's just say that the above comment didn't come out so hunky dory. It was more out of disgust with the amount of mac-n-cheese I was piling on my plate- enough to feed a family of four. I guess that's what I get when I go on vacation with some of my blog readers.:)

First, let me start by saying that I'm alive and well. I hate not blogging, but we lived with my 'rents for a week while we moved and now we're away on vacay. I hope to be back to blogging more regularly by the end of next week... or sooner if anyone can get Verizon out to my house earlier than that. Oh- and it would be even more wonderful if you could shrink that stinkin' window of time from 12-4 and just give me a set appointment. But I won't hold my breath. :)

This week is like every other second week in July of my life- It's by far the best week of the year. About 30 of us gather for a week in a monstrous house thanks to my grandparents and we spend the day hanging out at the beach, loving on each other, and laughing til it hurts. Oh- and we have the occasional fight- like today when my brother accused me of ganking his kid's frozen chicken nuggets. Don't worry though, we kissed and made up.:)

Speaking of chicken nuggets, the past two weeks we've done nothing but eat horribly. Family beach trips revolve around food. My parent's generation are each assigned days to cook and everyone tries to out do each other. No one counts calories- eggs are cooked in fried sausage grease, you eat an entire breakfast and you finish it off with a cinnamon roll (the middle one if you're lucky), you battle it out for the most cheese balls at lunch, and you hunt for my Uncle Chuck's Swiss cake rolls. Dinner is homecookin' at it's finest except for my new love- Bob Evans mashed potatoes. Oh my goodness- where have I been!?! They are the bomb. And of course you can't finish without something sweet, so dump cake and puddin' cake grace the counter. I know that I've gained at least ten pounds in the past two weeks and I feel gross.

I really wish you could bottle up a feeling. You know, like bottle up the feeling of being too full and when you are eating your favorite meal smell what you're going to feel like twenty minutes later so you stop eating. Or bottle up the feeling of sitting on the beach and feeling fat. The feeling of another year that you don't have a cute swimsuit and you detest your rolls. The feeling of disgust with yourself because if you had stayed on that diet you would have been loud and proud. But instead, you eat your sorrows away...

Well, I won't go that far. I've been enjoying myself. It's been nice to just let go of it all and binge. It's been nice to just eat to my heart's content and not worry about exercise. But the funny thing is... I'm over it. I had my order of hush puppies tonight and all I crave is the feeling of losing weight. I want that feeling of seeing 152 on the scale because perhaps it is possible to bottle up a feeling. Or at least to remember how good something does feel. Because I remember the feeling like it was yesterday and I want it again.:)

I'm over the good food. It's been great while it lasted. But to tell you the truth, I feel tired and gross because of it. Tomorrow morning, all I want is a glass of water and shot of protein powder, on the rocks.:)

Until next week when things are kicked off in full gear- as a fellow blogger (www.fitforkidssake) peaces out...

To Health and Fitness!


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