Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rock On

When I attended FitBloggin' in March, we were totally hooked up with products. I have failed to mention all of the things that we were given in our "swag bags". If you wanna crack a joke about how women like me still think we can get our swagger on, go ahead- But I get to differ... We were quite cool- especially when we sported our new New Balance workout shorts and running shoes.:)

This week, the FedEx man made a stop at my door... and I always get excited when that happens. So, he's not my old UPS man that I admit I was totally crushin' on, but the fact that he brings me fun stuff makes up for it! When I opened the package, my kids were bummed out that it wasn't for them, but I was super stoked to find a new pair of shoes from New Balance.

Let me introduce you to the new line of shoes that New Balance has out- the Rock & Tone shoes. And for the record, they have a great marketing team, because if you check out these shoes on their website it says:

rock & tone: a walking shoe that helps you look good even after you take it off

What if what you wear on Monday makes you look good on a Saturday night? The rock & tone's rounded sole increases muscle activation up to 27% and increases calorie burn up to 8% with each step. So you can tone every day. And on Saturday, you can just strut.

Now how well does that appeal to women? Pretty good, eh?

After trying them on, I will have to say that at first I thought I was looking like I had an old-school pair of Airwalks on... but they grew on me. And they come in even cuter colors. I wouldn't personally buy the black pair, but if you are a waitress, they would be perfect... And I've done my share of waiting tables in my day (Shout out to Emilio's inserted here). In my opinion they are much cuter than the Reebok toning shoes and blow the ugly pair Sketchers makes out of the water.

These shoes are soooooo comfortable. At first, I totally dissed them. I thought there was no way that these things could "tone" me- but the next day when I was sore, I ate my words. I have come to the conclusion that no part- and I do mean no part about me will ever be described as tight again in this lifetime. Those days are long gone. But I'll wear these shoes happily... and if my legs can be described as toned, I'll take it. And if not, just let me believe it. Maybe it will inspire me to walk a little more, and being sore isn't a bad thing.:) Maybe, just maybe I am tighter than I think.:)

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