Monday, June 28, 2010

Dare to Bare

I pulled a fast one a few months ago. I pulled the old "it'll be covered by flexible spending dollars" and made a visit to the dermatologist. A few face products, one Obagi eye cream, and $400 dollars later, you would have thought that I would have glowing, flawless skin, right? Wrong. Let's just say that certain "beauty" products get denied when sent for flexible spending redemption. And let's just say if you happened to leave those products a month later in the shower at the gym, you don't have the nerve to tell your hubby that you need new skin care items four weeks after your big purchase. At least not my hubby. Hello Olay Regenerist.:)

So, a few months have passed since that incident and I'm ready to go in for the kill and ask the hubs for new face stuff. But what products should I go for? I'm clearly aging way too fast. Eventhough I am religious about applying SPF, I'm a sun worshipper and I'm not going to wear a hat. I have a history of horrible skin. Horrible- as in acne sooo bad that I still can cry at the drop of a hat when I see a teenager suffering from zits. Thank GOD for Accutane. Make-up is my vice. I love it and feel naked without it. I know that I go a little buck wild with it and that I should settle down on the white eye shadow, but I still love it. And yes, I line my lips like it's 1989.:)

Any suggestions on face products for an aging, sun-loving, make-up obsessive middle aged woman? I need input, and I'm in dire need of a skin care routine! Preferably one that works like botox without a needle and with the price tag of a Wally World Equate product? I know, wishful thinking... and make sure you tell that to my hubby.:)

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  1. I'd suggest looking into L'bri.
    AMAZING products. I found them 5 years ago and will never use anything else! Everything is made with Aloe as the main ingredient. Your skin feels so much different after just the first use! Their prices are VERY reasonable too!