Monday, June 28, 2010


"I changed four times tonight trying to figure out what to wear. My husband thought I was crazy, but I said that Shelley always looks so cute."

LOL. Boy, do I have Ang fooled! And let me tell ya, that was THE BEST compliment I have heard in ages. This comment came at Bunco from one of those girls that "has it all together." You know, she's super cute, is a great mom, weighs all of 105, and is never in a foul mood. She's one of those moms’s that I try to be, but I just feel like I fall short.

I'm the mom that tries with all of my might to be that mom. I plan activities, try to exercise and battle my weight, love to host get togethers, and try as I may I try to be trendy a few days out of every month. And Bunco is one of those days.

What people don't know is that I am always setting the bar too high and letting myself down. For example, the day I was dressed cute and freshly coiffed for Bunco, I was running out the door, dropping my kids off at my parents, and telling the lifesaving grandparents that their grandchildren still needed dinner... at seven at night. Or if you see me at swim team or the gym in the morning, I usually have everything packed and laid out ready for my plan of action. Kid's outfits, check. Sunscreen, check. Towels and pool toys, check. Snacks, check. It's all done... except for me. I'm a hot mess- usually unshowered and a good day is when my teeth get brushed before the gym. That's just me. It's how I roll.

I can show up at LA Boxing looking horrible and take Mark's class, or take my trash out and see my neighbor in my pajamas and not care. But they are men. I've got my man and he's more than enough for me... Ha! But when it comes to being around women, I'm intimidated. I care what I look like. I want other women to think I have it together. I want them to like me. When did all of this come about? I know, I've got problems.

When I was getting ready for my high school reunion, I didn't even think twice about what the guys thought of me. O.K... maybe one or two.:) But I did spend hours on the phone going over my accessories with my best friend and fretting over what color my hair should be hi-lited. And the other night when I went to an ice cream party in our new hood, I showered and tried to make the best impression... on the other ladies. Maybe I'm old. Unless a guy is super hot- like GQ magazine worthiness, I don't make a double take. (And no, I don't question my sexuality.:))But I sure do people watch other moms to see their interactions with their children. And when I'm at the beach, I watch other women walking on the beach and wonder how they found that cute suit when I am sporting a $19.99 Costco tankini.

So, what's my point? I felt like I had company the other night. And Angie, thanks for letting me know, it's not just me- and even that moms that appear to have it all together drop the ball once in a while.:)

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