Monday, June 28, 2010

Walk Before You Run

We're moving. Again. This will make the tenth major move in ten years, and we're hoping this is it. After months of stalking the real estate market, I came across a house in one of the neighborhoods that we love with Sherriff papers on its door. I was a sucker and joined and to make a long story short, we're getting our dream house. After years of moving around for my hubby's job- going from lease to lease to lease, state to state to state, and then finally moving back to the area and being priced out of the housing market and having to buy in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, and after selling three homes, we've done it. We've found a house that we're in awe with and that for the first time I won't be thinking about listing it the moment we go to closing. So tell me, why doesn't this week feel like a dream come true?

First and foremost, I want to get across that we feel extremely blessed. After living in everything from a 700 square foot apartment to a "luxury" loft apartment in the old Milton Bradley factory building that eventually had yellow police "crime scene" tape outside my window, I am so thankful for where we are in life. But at the same time, I feel the need to stay true to my roots and blab how I feel, even if I do sound a little shallow. Remember, they are just thoughts, and writing things out makes me feel better.

Sounding straight out of Forest Gump, My mama always said, "that you have to walk before you run." But try telling that to a lady that is wondering how many years it's going to take to get decent window treatments in all of her windows. Not only that, when am I gonna get furniture for the empty room at the front of my house? And is my hubby going to finally give in to a painter tonight? Walk before you run, Shell.

And how in the world am I going to get my house unpacked and pictures hung before our family vacation? I can feel my OCD coming out. And I know that my number one priority should be to transfer my son's kindergarten registration to his new home school, but between closing, swim team, the fourth of July, meeting the carpet cleaners, packing, and my long laundry list of other things, when is that going to happen? Just walk before you run, Shell.

Oh, and when I'm living between two houses, cleaning both of them, how in the heck am I going to fit in workouts? Let alone turn down the easiness of grabbing carryout dinners in this time of chaos? Ya gotta walk before you run, Shell.

Moving to a new hood brings out all of my insecurities. How horrible is it that one of my main thoughts going through my head is if I'm going to be the heaviest mom in the neighborhood. Afterall, it is swimsuit season. Ya gotta walk before you run. Huh... that is good advice. Don't mind if I do. Let me put on my walking shoes and start walking... build to a run, and start training for a race. Stress relief- that makes perfect sense. Now why can't my mom's advice make sense when it comes to new furniture?

P.S... Unfortunately, for the next three weeks I may be MIA a bit from this blog... but trust me, please keep reading- Bigger and Better things are to come. I promise. Ya gotta walk before you run, right? And I'm ready to run.:)

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