Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To the Test

Today was the first day that I watched some of the World Cup... USA, USA, USA!!! As much as I wanted to hoop and holler, I was quiet and felt a little lost. Growing up, soccer was my life. I played all the time and my weekends were spent with my travel team that was like a family to me. But now, I don't want to be near a soccer ball-because it just "gets" to me. I would love to play on a women's team, but I know that I haven't kicked the ball in over ten years and that I would be pathetic. I mean, I don't even know the "lingo" anymore!

As a mother, I'm realizing more and more that high school athletes are a dime a dozen. So many of us can reminisce about the good old days when we were athletes. But does that really even matter anymore? What really matters is the present. I used to have that killer instinct. I would think nothing of yanking another player's pony tail and pulling her to the ground if she got past me. On the field, I had no fear... and I miss it. Somewhere along the line, I got old. In class when I hear “kick your opponents knee cap” or “crack them” I get grossed out.

I'm halfway through my "to the test" experiment with LA Boxing... and they want an update. To be honest, my hubby's schedule has made it harder than ever for me to make it to LA Boxing. But with that being said, I crave it more than ever. When I make a class, I'm in a better mood and I feel stronger. I do things I could never picture myself doing. This week alone, I learned a move called the corkscrew… the name alone scared me. But amazingly enough, I did it. I also worked out in the ring. Yes, you read that right. I've always wanted to spar and fight- I feel like I'm getting decent on the bag. When there were only four of us in class on Tuesday, the instructor decided to have class in the ring and we even donned head gear. It was so fun- eventhough I'm still sore and I now know I'm not anywhere close to being ready to spar! But I enjoy getting my ass kicked. I enjoy getting stinky. And most of all, for that one hour, I enjoy feeling how I want to feel- like an athlete.

Nowadays, I admire the lady I see in workout attire after a run in the grocery store. I am envious of my high school friends that were never athletes and now compete in triathlons. I look at other ladies' fit bodies in the gym and want to be them. So many of us lose our own identity when we become mothers. Life is all about our children and we put ourselves on the back burner…

I have gone from being a starting player to riding the bench. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting my groove back. It feels good to have a hobby again, to break a sweat, and to have something that is actually for me and not all about the kids. I crave working out and I no longer want my kids to hear from my mom that, "Your mom was a good athlete." I want them to see it and to know it. I no longer want to be known as the athlete I once was, but as the fit and healthy woman that I am.

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