Thursday, August 12, 2010

MIL 1, Me 0

Let's just say having my mother-in-law dictate what I ate didn't go as planned. She was too nice and wouldn't tell me exactly what I could and could not eat. She did however, politely hand me the newest edition of The Liver Cleansing Diet and mutter the strongest statement she could have possibly made, "Shelley, I can't do it for you. It's up to you. You have to have willpower."

Damn. Give her props. She put me in my place and gave me a wake-up call. I hate when she is right. I then proceeded to let my emotions take over and continue to drink Diet Coke, become dreamy over her Lemon Bars, and add tortilla chips and sour cream to her perfectly healthy recipes. In part, I think it was to just hold my own and show that I can and will do as I please. I know that's ugly, but I wasn't going to become skinny overnight, so sometimes I'd savor a fattening bite of food and think in my head, "So, there!".

And guess where it got me? No Where.

I did learn that not only am I heavier than my mother-in-law, but I'm also heavier than my hubby's 86 year-old, five foot nine grandmother. That sucks.

So, Willpower, please show up tomorrow. I'm ready to do this. Especially since a random high school friend friended me on facebook and I just happened to see his pictures from a Cancun vacation. And then I just happened to click on his wife's profile. (I know it's late and I should be in bed, but facebook can do that to ya). And let me just tell ya that this random mother-of-two wife that I have never met was bangin'. Totally motivating. I want to be a trophy wife in Cancun on my hubby's arm. Yeah, thanks Nick Dudley.

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  1. I know what you can do when you put your mind to something!
    Now just put your mind into doing it for yourself :)
    MIL xoxo