Friday, August 6, 2010

Wish Me Luck

I'm about to do the unthinkable.

First, let me say that I really do love my mother-in-law. She is so sweet and would do anything for us. But with that being said, things sometimes can just be different with a MIL. Sometimes it's best to keep quiet. I know she bites her tongue when she sees me out shopping or househunting for the 10th time resulting in yet another move, and I just keep my mouth quiet on certain issues. I'll leave it at that. But all the while, I'm a lucky girl- and lucky that I ended up with the MIL that I have.

There's such a fine line when it comes to mother-in-laws. She is like a mother to me and I look at her like one, but when it comes down to it, she's just not my mom. I love that I can vent to her, hand over my kids to her and know that they are so happy and safe, and I do look up to her. But it's just not the same. For example, If I was nursing my baby and my mom told me I was doing something wrong, I'd probably roll my eyes at her... and when she left the room, try out her advice. Now, if my mother-in-law corrected my nursing technique or offered a suggestion, I just might retreat downstairs to the guest room, cry, and maybe yell at my hubby for what his mom did. Or if my mom told me to calm it on loading my plate up with seconds because I've packed on the pounds, I'd just make a smart comment back and take it to heart. Now, if my MIL did that- Oh hell no- those are fighting words.

So, long story short, my hubby's family is coming into town to my in-law's, so we've decided to make a spurt of the moment week long trip to the lake. No complaints there... But I know that I have to put a stop to this weight gain. I simply can not afford to go on another vacation and gain another five pounds. Enter my mother-in-law.

Over the past few years, my mother-in-law has transformed her body. At a doctor's appointment she was told she had high cholesterol and she set out to change that to avoid medications. She began with the Liver Cleansing Diet, and from there she just turned into a super healthy person. Ya know, nuts, whole grains, small meals, healthy shit, the works. I know she wants to chew me out when I go through a six pack of soda every day that I visit. So what have I decided to do? I'm letting her have at it.

Joanie, You are more than welcome to monitor when, where, and what I eat this weekend. Bring it on. Here's your chance. Let me have it, and please teach me some of your tricks. I'm begging you. Not just as your daugther-in-law, but as your daughter. Love ya, mean it.:)

P.S., Someone please remind me that I gave her permission to do this when I'm pissed off and suffering from a caffiene headache.

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