Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If I didn't have a husband...

Believe it or not, I don't put everything on this blog. Almost everything, but there are some things that are personal in my life... Not many, but a few. Luckily, I have a happy home life- but last night, it was totally the witching hour. My poor hubby could have brought me home my favorite pizza, rubbed my back, and showered me with compliments and I still would have found something wrong with him. And for no reason! I was in a mood- and luckily he sometimes knows me better than I know myself. He finally just looked at me and told me that I was PMS'ing and he’d take over the bedtime routine with the kids. When I looked at the calendar, he was right. Ugh! Don't worry, we made up- nothing like couples therapy of enjoying TV together. He might kill me for saying it, but we've both fallen prey to the new Beverly Hills 90210.:)

So, today, when I was talking to my best friend, we were having your typical stay-at-home mommy talk... Ya know, bitching about how we were already on our third Diet Coke of the day, about how can we cut back on groceries to afford clothes for ourselves, and about our hubbys.

We have both come to the conclusion that we will never be the type of girl that orders a salad with grilled chicken or the kind of girl that wakes up daily at 4am to begin the day with a killer cardio session. That's just not us. But what we have decided is that maybe there are certain areas in our life that we should just "pretend" that we don't have a husband. We love them with all of our hearts and are in it for the long haul so don't take this out of context. But seriously, think about it... Is there something to be said about the comfort of a husband? Let's just call it the husband factor...

If I didn't have a husband, would I go all day without a shower and only shave my bikini area when I know it's going to show at the pool with the kids?

If I didn't have a husband, would I really be drinking soda and eating horrible? He's stuck with me, so why not eat away?

If I didn't have a husband, would I skip out on my gym sessions and not make it to LA Boxing? If I was single, I sure wouldn't shake my derriere for someone- that might just ruin my chances!

If I didn't have a husband, would I actually be shaking my booty instead of being "too tired."

If I didn't have a husband, would I wear mismatched, paint-stained, ugly pajamas to bed with socks?

If I didn't have a husband, would I be so uptight about things such as the kitchen faucet facing the exact way, and all shoes put away, or would I relax a little and be more fun?

If I didn't have a husband, would I take better care of my car instead of driving the trashmobile because I know my hubby will shop vac that baby out for me?

If I didn't have a husband, would I be so evil towards anyone when I'm PMS'ing or would I try to be that sweet, perfect girl?

Hmmm... Come to think of it, maybe this could be a lesson. My hubby might actually like it if I live my life as if I didn't have a husband! Maybe it's time for me to be that girlfriend he fell in love with.;)

*** After reading this, I hope it doesn't come off the wrong way. I am SOOO thankful for my hubby and all that he does for our family. Without him, I wouldn't be sitting here enjoying the sound of my daugther's laugther as she plays dress-up with friends while I write about the most petty things in life. My whole point is, sometimes when you are so comfortable around someone, and you know they love you just because you are you... you lose the reason to impress them.:) And with that being said, Shelley's gotta get her groove back.:)


  1. you forgot, if you didn't have a husband, you'd probably have to work, so longer days with kids, work and commute.

  2. Now I'd like to hear the husband side of:
    If I didn't have a wife and kids......

  3. LOL:) Oh, I'm sure he'd have QUITE the list.:) I'm lucky to have him- and I know I need to show it better more often.;) It's so easy to take it for granted sometimes and get stuck in a rut, so I hope this is a good reminder that I need to spice it up a little for not only my sake but his:)