Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Money, Money, Money...

It started with the American Girl catalogue arriving in my mail. Today it was "Young Explorers". And I'm sure more will follow. What might I be talking about? Ya know- the start of people marketing suckers like me for the start of Christmas shopping. And ya know what? It worked. I've already started thinking about what the kids should get this year... Although I will say we're keeping it simple this year and adopting the "Three Kings" policy- Sticking to three gifts per child. Please feel free to remind me of that closer to Christmas when I'm going crazy on the 24th because they need just one more thing in their pile...

Last year, I was able to do a lot of shopping right from the seat I'm sitting in- and I hope to do the same this year. There are days I can't find the time to get a shower and weeks I can't find the time to shave- so it's much easier if I don't have to find the time to fight crowds at the mall and shop with two young kids! So... how excited was I when I was contacted by CSN Stores to share with my readers about their website... or shall I say websites because they have 100's of stores you can shop from!?!

To tell the truth, they offered me the option of a gift card for myself or a giveaway opportunity- where I can share the joy with my readers. No offense, but when I first wrote back, I had pondered over whether to hook my brother up with console tables for his new pad (Yes, my brother Eric won't be bunking with the 'rents anymore- Congrats on your new place EP), whether to go with the theme of my blog and get an actual kettlebell, or if I should get what I really wanted and go with the stainless steel blender. And I was about to say screw you guys... BUT... Then I felt too guilty. The only reason I'm even getting cool things like this in my inbox is because I actually have a few readers!!! So thank you soooo much- I love you.:)

Drum roll please... If you want to have the chance to win a $40 giftcard, which is pretty much free money because you can get just about anything under the sun from this website-www.csnstores.com All you have to do is leave a comment! I will combine the comments from my personal blog with the iammodern.com comments and randomly draw a name! And to those of you that read, you must know that your chances are pretty good... Did you know that I only had one reader comment for the 6 month membership/plus equipment to LA Boxing? And they still honored it!

P.S. "Jen"- Congrats, you won the RUNUMOTHER giveaway!!!
P.S.S. I know this blog has nothing to do with working out and losing weight... but I couldn't resist a free giveaway!


  1. thinking of others first, it does go with your blog theme of losing weight as you think of others before taking care of yourself.

  2. I have been a random reader of your blog for quite a while now. I find your writing humorous and uplifting! I definitely relate to you and your struggles to juggle family, work, and being healthy. Although I don't have young children at home, I am getting married very soon and because of that, got in the best shape of my life. I've always struggled with weight and body image issues. Next week, when the wedding is over, I need to figure out how to maintain my healthy eating and exercise regularly. It sounds so easy but is definitely a struggle every day. I look forward to peaking in on your journey once in awhile! Thanks for doing this blog. It helps to know I'm not alone.
    -Sharon Kapelanski, Waukesha, WI

  3. So nice of you to think of others Shelly! I am still checking in on your journey even though mine is on hold. :)


  4. Shelley, you know I check your blog everyday! I love you!! :)

  5. Not hard finding time to workout, but it is easy making excuses. I workout an hour a day, usually 6-7 days a week. I'm in my office 9 hours a day, and commute at least an hour each way. And either drop off or pick up kids from their activities and still find time to help with dinner and/or kids homework.

  6. from blogger to blogger...I love free money :)