Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carried Away

"I get carried away by the look by the light in your eyes
Before I even realize the ride I'm on baby I'm long gone
I get carried away nothin' matters but bein' with you
Like a feather flyin' high up in the sky on a windy day, I get carried away"

I love George Strait. No, I don't think you understand. I extra, big, squishy heart LOVE him. I think for five years strait (get it, strait? ha) I saw him in concert. I can hear the beginning of Amarillo By Morning and go into hysterics with the best of them. I once even flew to Atlanta to see him play at the George Strait Country Music Festival in the Atlanta Braves stadium. Oh, that was a memorable weekend...

On the way to the airport, I ratted to my best friend's Daddy how I hated her boyfriend. I do think I threw in a few things a best friend shouldn't have mentioned like her grades and how she happened to be spending money that was in her untouchable trust. Oops. Needless to say, Ash and I were on the outs for a good six months. But we finally gave in, kissed and made up, and now she thanks me every day for putting a fast end to that relationship. Fast ending- as in her father yanked her out of school the very next day, made her transfer, and move back home.

O.K... I just totally digressed. But I've been singing this song allllll weekend long. It all started because my son came home from kindergarten on Friday and ever so sweetly said, "Mommy, sometimes, I just get a little carried away." LOL... as in LAUGH OUT LOUD sooo hard. I really don't think those were my son's words, so his teacher must already be getting to know him.

I couldn't be mad. That's his personality and I love him for it. Never a dull moment as his mom. But how can I blame him? We all get carried away at times. I did this weekend... when I had a love affair with the fresh dill dip from Wegman's. I also got a little carried away when I couldn't stop with the pita chips. Heck, I even got a little carried away when I started fall decorating and realized my house is completely pumpkinified and it's not even October.

It's easy to get carried away, but the important thing is to get back on track and to find your way. It's important to come back down and to get your feet planted firmly on the ground. And unlike my incident with my best friend, it shouldn't take six months to make that happen. So, I strayed a little bit... but I threw both the dill dip and pita chips out. In true George fashion- this week, I cross my heart, and promise too. I'm gonna give all I've got to give.:)

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