Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy Day Randomness...

Joined Weight Watchers Online- Check
On a roll working out- Check
Training for another race- Check

Thursday Weigh-in- 168.2... Ugh!

Yep, those numbers are right. I was at 151 a few months ago when I was doing LA Boxing. I know that I've been a major letdown to some of you, but trust me- no one is more disappointed than I am. It sucks. But in all reality, this whole weight loss is truly a battle for me. More than anything I want to return to LA Boxing. Nothing is stopping me but myself.

It would be really easy for me to write every day about how great I ate, how I did a double workout, and how I was down on the scale. The truth is, many of you that read this wouldn't know that I was even lying because you don't see me! But then again, that wouldn't do any of us any good. For those of you that read, and stick by me, I hope to make you proud once again.

And trust me- I have goals. I want to finally cut my hair. It's long and it looks nice when I do it... but when it gets styled about one out of every five days, I think it would look much better chopped. But to do that, I want to lose ten pounds first and thin my double chin and chipmunk cheeks. I also want to send out Christmas cards with a family picture... without photoshopping me in. Oh, the little things.:)

It's a rainy, yucky day here. I hate giving recommendations. Last Fall, I thought I had found THE BEST mascara ever. It was made by Revlon and in a tiny silver tube. Whenever I used it, I swear my eyelashes looked a-mazing! It was like I had on falsies! So, I let my best friend try it, and she felt the love, too. A month later, we were both calling each other crying our eyes out- and nothing was stopping our tears from falling... because that oh so fab mascara made half of our eyelashes fall out. Luckily, they've almost recovered, but we were both begging our hubbys for Latisse every day of our life...

I will say that I recently switched from my tried and true 99 cent Ultrabrite toothpaste to the new Crest 3D kind- It says it eliminates up to 80% of surface stains in fourteen days. And let me tell ya- that stuff is no joke. It works!!! Take it from a Diet Coke addicted mama- my teeth are glowing.:)

My other random piece of advice is to visit Layng's Flower Farm. They are a small locally owned farm on Evergreen Mill Road and their entrance fee is super low compared to other local pumpkin patches. Not only that, they ran a deal and donated money to my son's elementary school. I have to give them props... You can spend the afternoon getting free popcorn, playing in moon bounces, and painting a pumpkin. Not to mention, you can enjoy a hay ride through the not so scary forest. When I took the kids, my hubby had been traveling, and I was totally caught in the act. On the hayride, my son shouted out, "Mommy why are you taking a picture of the driver?"

Ummm, yeah. Three shades of red later, I quickly responded, "Because of his Hokie shirt." Good recovery- especially since the kids chimed in "Go Hokies." Seriously though, the farm is worth your money. And sometimes on a rainy day, we all need a little mud on our tires and some good ole' motivation. Now I have it. To the gym, I go.:)

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