Friday, October 15, 2010

Freeze Away Fat: Cool Shapes

Oh, to be beautiful.:) Women will do just about anything to be skinny, wrinkle-free, and gorgeous... or at least this has-been mama will. It started years ago. Ya know, like in these circa 1995 pictures. My cousin Lauren came over for a "beauty" night where we applied peel-off face masks and hair treatments. Let's just say that my mama's 1970's hair dryer always came in handy for girl nights. Please ignore my face- I think my family calls that look the "sexual."

I can't tell you the things I've done over the years to try and be pretty. I've waxed, dyed, hired trainers, and tried every diet under the sun... and I can't tell you how excited I was when the product I'm going to tell you about showed up on my doorstep!

Hold the jokes now. My hubby and best friend's hubby have already made tons of them. They have related this product to the infamous shake weight and wonder why all Alaskans aren't thin since they live in cold temperatures... When I asked my B-F-F's husband if he thinks this would really work (He has a PhD in chemistry and is the man behind the Coors Light cooling can) his sarcastic reply was, "Shelly, if you use these pants along with the proper diet and exercise program, they will work." Ugh... men!

Let me introduce you to Cool Shapes (and read on for a special promo code!). Cool Shapes are a new product similar to bike shorts that have patented cooling pads that literally freeze away your fat. Embracing the science that fat cells are uniquely sensitive to cold- Cool Shapes allows wearers to easily chill their problem areas which may be resistant to diet and exercise. Cool Shapes wearers have reported seeing results that have you looking and feeling better about your body. Amen to that!

Like many of you, I started off as a skeptic. But then I had the privilege to be in contact with the two creators- Jamie Burke and Lark MacPhail. Oh- and Jamie is a local Northern Virginian and both sisters are Virginia Tech Alumni. A big fat (or shall I say skinny) Hokie Holla to that!

Basically after reading a lot of medical journals and studies while serving as the White House Liaison at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Jamie became intrigued with research on how sensitive fat cells are to cold temperatures (both brown fat and white fat cells). So after months of research and the good counsel of a daughter who is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering.... as well as trying the cold therapy herself, Jamie and her sister,Lark, launched FreezeAwayFat.

They are both big believers in entrepreneurship and free enterprise. They spent a lot of time searching for and identifying garment manufacturers right here in the USA and not abroad (which is the norm for apparel manufacturing). They also have additional products in development which will better target the tummy/muffin top and inner thigh areas. Sign me up- I'm your girl.:)

These ladies must believe in their product- Maybe because it has been backed by articles appearing in such publications as MSN, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Or maybe because many users rave about Cool Shapes. After telling Jamie that I wanted to write this blog as a "trial", they stood by their product and told me to have at it. Hopefully, this little blog will join the list of positive testimonials. I'll be updating my results for the next couple of months. If I can't wear a pair of bike shorts while watching my shows at night, then I really am a slacker. There should be no excuses. And we all know that I don't have the budget to be nipped and tucked right now, so bring on the fat pants.:)

Cool Shapes are currently available on their website They are offering a promo code to my blog readers of $10 off by entering "IMMODERN" at checkout. The regular price is $99.95 and for a limited time they are being offered for $89.95- with the code my readers can try this product with me for $79.95! Run... and get your pants and we can all be chillin' together.:)

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  1. I love the "sexual." :) That is a good look for you. :)