Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Sisterhood

It's a done deal and on the books. We're having a Ya-Ya weekend in fourteen days. So... how many pounds can I lose in the next two weeks?

What cool adventure are we doing, you might ask? We're having a girl's getaway to Leesburg, Virginia. Hell to the yeah. It doesn't get any more exciting than that!!! Gone are the days of road-tripping it to the Jersey Shore, cruising to Mexico, coupling it up in Jamaica, and basking in the sun in sunny Florida- Oh, wait, we'll do that in March. But for now, I'm on a budget and saving up for that trip. And luckily, I have a counterpart that lives in Loudoun who just had a baby... and when we all decided three days ago that we were in desperate need of some R & R, Leesburg it was. I drew a long straw and don't need to buy a plane ticket. Meet my besties or as we lovingly call ourselves- the Ya-Ya's:

Well, actually this is only four of us. Gina didn't make this trip, but I know that if I had posted a picture of all five of us that didn't "make the grade," there could be fighting words. I won't lie, her real name isn't Gina- but that's what she's known as to us. She is the sweetest girl in the entire world- shy and reserved... but when we go out- she turns ghetto and likes to start fights. So, in true Mar-tin fashion- she's Gina. Her real name is Kelly Bonelli. Fact. I have a friend named Kelly Bonelli.

These girls are my heart and soul. For over fifteen years, we've shared ups and downs and all arounds and have made it a point to have getaways all the time. They are my breath of fresh air. We used to be wild in our day. There was once a time when one of us gyrated on a bar in a best legs contest. No, it wasn't me. But in the past five years, together, we have birthed eleven children ages five and under. We have gone from bikinis to cover-ups and from drunken stupors to pajama parties of reminiscing about the good ole' days. We still get a little wild- During our last trip to Florida, after watching Sex and the City, we were guilty of passing around tablets of Melatonin before bed.

So, what's the point to all of this babbling? Quite frankly, I'm stressed because I'm not ready for this get together. These are the girls that know me best. They've seen me at my best of times and my worst of times, at my skinniest and at my fattest. I don't need to hide anything from them and they love me no matter what. There's always a but... Usually when we're together, we get all dolled up- dress trendy, and "act" like that's how we live every day. Trust me, we know it's a front because these girls are well aware that I didn't get a shower today and that I'm guilty of wearing the same outfit to the bus stop two days in a row.

This trip has got me thinking. I should no longer live for moments. I should no longer live for "get togethers" and find outfits for "special occasions." I shouldn't try to lose weight for a family Christmas card or for a class reunion. I've been feeling down all day because I wish I had kept the weight off and that I could fit in my skinny jeans. I feel a hundred times better when I'm in shape and have a positive attitude. I should bust my butt and watch my food choices for me- because I'm worth it. From here on out, every day should be a Ya-Ya day.:)

Thanks for letting me spill. Soap box rant is over.

And CONGRATS to Meg Brock- You won the CSN giveaway promotion. Please e-mail me at with your address!

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