Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Situation...

Here we go Yo
Here we go Yo
So what so what so what's the scenario?

Oh my, oh my. My husband is the most uber conservative, tea party lovin', anally retentive, never do anything wrong man I know. I say that in the most lovingly way. He is the yin to my yang- and I know in my heart that I needed someone like him to balance me out. Even so, sometimes it's the littlest things that make you fall for someone. Back in the day at college, when I found out that my quiet little ballplayer of a boyfriend could bust out any lyric to his rap c.d.'s, he made me fall in love all over again. He could turn yo-boy in the most angelic of ways and rap every word to any House of Pain, Tribe Called Quest, or Snoop Dog song. I know I'm totally digressing and trying to get around posting the inevitable. I guess I should just get to the horrid details...

170.4 this morning. As in pounds. Fail. Almost as bad as the Skins did on Monday night- but then again, maybe not that bad. I've gotta think positive. Go Skins.:)

But... I'm on it. After going out during girls' weekend, my b-f-f and I realized that if God forbid we were to ever lose our husbands- that with the way we look and the fact that we're not ever willing to be a pin cushion to a man, we would be doomed. There are some hot older women out there. Not all women over 30 have let themselves go to the wayside, and we must reinvent ourselves. Ha!

Drum roll please. We've decided to run the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon in February. I did just say run. Considering "running" in our vocabulary usually means, "We're running to the mall because there is a great sale at Nordstrom’s” we’re not quite sure if we are women on a mission or if we are just downright delusional.

This week, I met with Melinda (the marathon runner that I wrote about on a previous blog), who also just happens to be a trainer at my Sport & Health. She went over nutrition and mapped out workout goals for me and I'll have to say that I'm completely pumped. Tonight I even ran 4 miles on the treadmill. And I'm running a 5k Thanksgiving morning. And yes, I have stocked up on body glide. Thanks for asking.

I will also be joining a running group that Melinda is forming in the next week or so. If any of you are interested, please let me know. Not only will we all get training from a pro, but we'll have someone to hold us accountable... which I totally believe helps. And did you know that your children can stay in the Kid's Club even if you leave the premises for an outdoor run if you are working with a trainer. Thank you Jesus. This is an answer to my prayers.

So... the reinvention has started. I wanted to try tennis and Jenny Craig, but Jenny cost too much and even though I wanted to sport the little skirt and a cute racquet, I feel that running is something I can do any time and any where. And right now, I just need a goal and something to work towards for motivation! No excuses. And I promise to start holding myself accountable. Weekly weigh-ins are starting back up... and the countdown is on to 13.1... Space mountain here I come.

And just for old time’s sake:

Pack it up, Pack it down
Let me begin
I came to win...

Jump around.:)

***I just have to clear my conscious. My husband and I joined Sport and Health as a family. We are super happy there... but LA Boxing will always be my heart. When I write about working out at a new facility, I feel like I'm cheating on them. I will always remain loyal to LAB. They are amazing and I miss it so much. I crave it. And in all honesty, I'm afraid to go back. Everyone there believed in me and I'm embarrassed to walk back in since I gained my weight. One day turned into one week, and a week turned into a month... and well, this could be a blog post all by itself. Just know that LA Boxing rocks! And it would rock so much more with day care.:)

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