Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buddy Check

As women, it's so easy to take care of others and put ourselves on the back burner. So, this is just a short and simple public service announcement to remind you to schedule that yearly- Yes, I know it's uncomfortable and the thought of "baring down" in someone’s face can give you the heebie jeebies, but at least you can groom yourself to the nines and surprise the hubby, get that mammogram, or have that mole checked out! It's so important. Trust me- ya never know what you will find...

For instance... with training for a marathon, you'd think that I'm in pretty good shape... Or not.

-I was informed I have high blood pressure. Yes, I had it during both pregnancies, but I thought it was a thing of the past. Now I'm just praying it was white coat syndrome as I monitor it over the next month before reporting back to my doctor.

-Ya know that pee problem I have? Well, it's much, much better. I'm no longer the pisser... just the drizzler. I'm not the flood, but more like "a river runs through it,"... and after being scoped out and finding out that yes, all my innards are still perched where they should be, maybe I just need to work on some kegals.... Or treat that unnoticed bladder infection that my doctor tested for. Who knew? And yes mom, I wipe front to back, but thanks for asking.

-My weight was much higher than on my home scale. I think I'll stick to weighing naked before I drink or eat anything for the most accurate results. I should have shed my shoes so the nurse didn't notice I weigh almost what I weighed nine months pregnant.

-One can learn something new every time. Like whoa- I don't do breast exams quite like that. I guess I should be a bit more thorough.

-And yes, I'm getting older. Even my OB suggested I might wanna get on it if I want another baby. Or at least that she would if she was in my shoes.

And if nothing else, it can be quite nice reading a ladies’ magazine in peace and quiet in the waiting room. Its one appointment where they can run late and I won't get all up in arms. What a break... and I could look at the new birth announcements all day and be quite content.

Now if you haven't done it... Go make that appointment. Those stirrups are a callin'!

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  1. Thanks for the Buddy Check, I almost peed myself when I read this! And I don't for one second believe you wipe from front to back... Ha, you say I have no sensor! :-) Loved it!