Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's Down Five!!!

O.k... time to get my act together- Looks like this is a competition!!!

Ann Neri Gause

Ok, so let's get started on what you really want to know. How are we going to do this? How are we going to lose the weight?? First and most importantly, you need to start from within. This was the the mistake I made the first time around in weight loss. I had a goal - my wedding - and my eye was on the prize. I was not really looking at it as a LIFE change, but more of a "I want to look awesome in a dress" kind of change. The moment that stressful situations began creeping back up in my life, so did the scale. Now, looking back on it, I thought a starting weight of 147 was terrible. When I got to 125, I knew it was the number that was healthy for my body. Now at 180 (yes this is more than what was originally posted but we are going to go by my weekly weigh in's with my trainer and that includes shoes and clothing), I would do just about anything to see a glimpse of the 140's.

As women, I think we unconsciously put ourselves last without even thinking, especially when we become moms. We want the best for our children and the the best for our partners and we believe that if we do it all we are doing our best. But whatever it takes, do it! You need it and so does your family. I can honestly say that the moment I started carving "me" time out to get to the gym, I instantly felt happier. And you know just one week I have lost 5 pounds. That's right, 5 big ones. So, the scale now says 175 and you know what, it's only going to go down. Its a promise to you and most importantly to me. Did I like saying "no" to the candy, snacks, pie's doughnuts, chicken wings, nachos and everything else under the sun this past weekend at our family ski weekend? Heck no!! But, I stuck with what I know would be healthy and I came back home knowing the scale did not go up and felt proud of myself when I could report back to my trainer about my self-discipline. Most of all, I am not beating myself up for poor choices. Ahhhhh.

My personal trainer said to me the other day, "treat yourself the way you would treat one of your family or friends that came to you with this same issue about weight". WOW. She is so right. Why do we treat other people better than we treat ourselves? That has to stop. We have to start treating ourselves with the respect that we give others, because no one else can truly benefit from all the good we have to give them if we don't.

So I challenge you to think of the things that are important to YOU. Not you as a mom, you as a wife, you as a friend, you as a family member, as the coach, the PTA volunteer, etc. etc. What makes you happy? Are you doing those things for you. If not, figure out how you can do them. Schedule a bubble bath for yourself where you can close the door, light the candles and be alone with your own thoughts. Whatever it is....DO IT! Your mind and body will thank you.

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  1. Keep up the good work and don't just do it for yourself - do it as a good example for your children to learn the "lifelong" habit of healthful eating.