Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calling All Fatties...

128 days until pools open for the summer. I know. I counted. What's that mean ladies? Well, if we start now, there's hope that we can feel good this summer and enjoy ourselves at the pool instead of worrying about which roll of flab is falling out of our tankinis. If we don't start, it'll be another year down the drain, another year of, "Next summer is my year." And I don't want that.

With high hopes of group motivation, accountability, and dare I say positivity (although feel free to moan and bitch as much as you'd like- it'll make me feel better), Ann and I are starting I Am's very own weight loss support group and would love you to join us... the more the merrier.

Who: Anyone with weight issues- whether you have 2-100 pounds to lose, you are welcome! Skinny girls (doesn't that sound youthful?) that aren't happy with your body- we would love to include you and I won't make comments behind your back, I promise. Someone hold me to that. We know that all women have issues and we'd like to hear them! Moms- need a night out and some time with other women, this is your calling. I've been there.:) Need an excuse of where you've been- We're your cover. I might even hold onto your shopping bags so you can sneak the evidence into your house when the hubby is not home. Oops, did I just say that? Not that I've ever pulled the, "Oh hubby, I've had this shirt for years hiding in my closet line." No, never.

What: We can't promise to give you a magic potion, pill, or even program to follow, but we can offer a private weigh-in, healthy eats, and a super informative guest speaker. Not to mention, great company that hopefully turns into a support system for all of us. This week we are thrilled to announce that Let's Dish will be on hand to let us sample one of their new "Under 400 calorie" meals that make it super easy to eat healthy and Robeks will be offering up a treat as well! Also, Natasha Grotke, of N.G. Fitness Consulting, will be sharing tips and advice. She is one of those super fit, positive, enthusiastic, empowering women that truly has a passion to help people achieve their goals. Plus, she can back her info up since she is a certified Fitness Trainer and a certified Fitness Nutritionist by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Oh- and don't hate her. Maybe she is always enthusiastic because she practices what she preaches (or because she's fit to a tee). I think she has a stair machine at my gym with her name on it.

Where: 21027 Courtland Village Drive
Leesburg, VA 20175
*I will warn you. I prefer to call this the best neighborhood in the world that is a little off the beaten path. You, on the other hand, might refer to it at as B.F.E. Mapquest it... I promise it's not too far (and we might find a more central location for future meetings). Oh- And my best friend is very worried about my information being on the net. The way I see it, anyone could have my address with the click of But to make her happy, I'll put out a disclaimer... Please no bombers, serial killers, or angry fat chicks with a gun bother coming. My bouncer will have to turn you away. Sorry.

When: Thursday, February 17th at 7:30pm

Why: Why not... What do you have to lose? Hopefully some weight.:)

Best of all, this night out is totally Free!!!

Please comment or shoot an e-mail to if you'd like to join us!

Oh, and while I often have diarrhea of the mouth on this blog, I don't speak in public. I'm leaving that up to Ann. I will probably be nervous as all get out... and if you see hives start to form, that's when you start to worry. Or offer me a shot of vodka.:)

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