Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a 10!!!

Like mother like son. Sometimes, I wonder where he gets it from... and then there are times that I can't deny that my son is my child through and through...

Selective hearing. I guess my son isn't the only one that has it. Lately, it's been apparent that I suffer from it too:

"Admit it, Eric (my younger brother), Ashley and I can still liven up a bar."

"Yeah, you really did... in an awkward sort of way."

I took that as a big, fat yes.:)

Or at three in the morning when we were recounting the night's shenanigans, my BFF recalled that her hot, single, ex-boyfriend told her that he was sick of the bar scene, wanted to finally settle down, and wished he could find a "Mini Ashley."... We let her live in the moment and didn't point out that the key word might have been mini. Selective hearing at it's best.:)

With my half-marathon slowly approaching, I decided to make my mama proud and at least play the part. I grew up hearing, "You can always tell a woman by her shoes." Often, it was immediately followed by a lecture about how I needed to go through my closet and chuck my four inch wedge clodhopper college shoes because they looked trashy, but I won't go there at the moment. Santa (a.k.a. Mom and Dad) spoiled me with a gift certificate to Potomac River Running. I guess they took the hints that my $34.99 Kohl's blue light special running shoes weren't cutting it any more- and I was super excited to get some new kicks to at least make it appear that I'm a runner.

I made sure I had shaved (at least up to the knee) and took an afternoon without the kids to see what this whole PRR was all about. I had heard from many people that I "had" to go there for new shoes. Well, my peeps don't fail me, and I'm happy to report my trip was worth it. Not only was I fitted, but I was given a complete video gait analysis and learned that there is way more "science" that goes into selecting a shoe than when I was growing up- Although I will tell you that just hearing the words "Air Pegasus" brings back happy memories. I even learned things like I am lucky enough to pronate the ideal amount and require a neutral shoe, Fancy, eh?

PRR was well worth it, and the shoes didn't cost an arm and a leg like I was afraid of. As I was snooping around the store, I also noticed that they offer tons of services like free evening running groups. I asked about the Leesburg night run, but the helpful salesman politely told me that this group was still somewhat small and I might want to try the Ashburn store's group because they have runners of all levels. Hmmmm. :)

The best part of the experience came when the young, in shape man, told me I was a ten. I can still hear the sound of those sweet words... and that's when my hearing stopped. Please, just let me bask in my glory. And don't remind me that my size nine feet must have grown along with the rest of my body since I'm now sporting size 10 Asics.

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