Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Party: B.Y.O.C

I know you've all heard of B.Y.O.B... Well, today, we're getting this party started a little differently. You know we all have some in us, so let's get to it ladies and B.Y.O.C... Bring Your Own Crazy!

Don't you worry though, I'll start. I'm full of little idiosyncrasies that make me me- Those little habits that your hubby puts up with and makes you know that he truly loves you. Like how I have to wake up with the time ending in the number 3. Or, 6 or 9- because they're multiples of 3. Three is my lucky number and that's going to make for a good day? Right? And did you know that I LOVE combing my grandfather's hair with his little black comb. He loves it because it is calming, and I love it because I secretly scrub the dandruff out of his scalp and receive joy from it. Yep, that's right, I like getting dandruff out of my grandfather's head. There, I said it. (And I also think this is why God knew not to give my kids cradle cap.) My family says it looks like we're monkeys when I'm doing it, but it's my special thing I've always done with my Pappy- so they can suck it. Oh, and when I worked in group homes, all my bebe kids knew that Tuesday was hygiene day with Ms. Shelley. I would actually look forward to whipping out my Q-tips and cleaning their ears. Sometimes it was the hi-light of my day. Crazy, I tell ya, crazy... either that or maybe I have a clean ear fetish.

So, what brought me to this topic? Well, ya see, I've pretty much been sucking at this whole weight loss ordeal lately. Yep, only I can manage to train for a half marathon and not lose a pound. Ugh! I have since constructed what I refer to as my weight loss shrine. My hubby politely asked if I was going to take it down so no one would see it during the weight loss group. It was then that I wondered if I'm weird... or crazy. This is just normal to me:

I'll try anything if I think it will help me get on track- documenting my weight every day, waking up to a positive quote, and even having pictures for motivation. I thought I had all the bases covered. I had to post a picture of Girl Next Door Kendra because I was so happy to see her turn into a chunk when she was preggo. I thought she'd never get her figure back and I was secretly loving it, but ole' girl proved me wrong. And then, Jessica Simpson made my wall because who doesn't want to cheer for a ditz- and man, does she not prove what a difference some l b's make on someone? And last but not least, I need a little Lily in my life. My goal for this spring is to lose weight and pick out a cute dress to wear to our cousin's wedding. Why do I say a Lily Pulitzer dress??? Well, because I really think I've worn a go-to, solid black dress to every wedding I've been to in let's say the last five years. I need some color in my life- a little party dress.:)

There you have it... just a little of my crazy. What's yours? Do ya pick your nose at a stoplight? Is your nickname for your hubby poopstain? As in, "Hey skidmark, come get some of this bay-bay." Share... I do think I'm begging for comments today. You can even be anonymous. And I promise, if we ever meet, I won't pull out the Q-tips.:)

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  1. From a security standpoint, not a good idea to let the world know you'll be in Disney the end of Feb. As for me, a bit of a neat freak.