Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CWLG: Here We Go... And an I Am Offer!

Everything seems to have initials these days... OBX, GTL, FML... so we're just going to start referring to I Am's group of awesomeness as CWLG. That sounds so much better than "Community Weight Loss Group", don't ya think? After several cancellations, we finally got the group started, and I can't wait to see where it takes us!

Over 20 women met to share our trials and tribulations about weight struggles last week... and I think I only cried twice. For me, this can be a very emotional subject! I'm thankful to be able to share my path to excellence (Hey- I'm feeling motivated at the moment, OK?) with a great group of women. I'd love to let ya in on what we chatted about... but you know what they say- "What happens at weight loss group, stays at weight loss group!".

Thankfully, we had the support of local businesses to lure people to join us. We had Robek's gift cards to giveaway and I Am Modern provided an entire bag of giveaways- everything from books to an organic skin care set. We weighed in, were led by Natasha Grotke of NG Fitness, and did what every overweight person loves to do... ate food.:)

Thanks to Elizabeth Marcotte, owner of several area Let's Dish stores, we were able to curb our appetite. Not only were we able to eat deliciousness, but we were able to do it while watching our calories since Let's Dish meals include Weight Watchers Points and nutritional values. For example, we could have a full serving of shrimp and cous cous for under 200 calories:

I'm not sure if the others were thinking what I was thinking, but for that little bit of calories, I was considering taking the entire tray...:)

Elizabeth also went above and beyond and treated us to giveaways, information on preparing meals in hectic times, and what I loved most... more food.

Look at this... This huge platter is only one $25 meal from Let's Dish displayed over a bag of lettuce. I know where I'm headed when I have to take something to a party... People might be impressed when I don't show up with burnt jello. You can burn jello. Trust me. Fact!

The beauty of this CWLG experiment is how I Am Modern is able to pull together community resources to offer a free support group. Our next event will be a drop in weigh-in on March 9th from 6:30-7:30 at Ashburn's Let's Dish. You must be officially weighed to compete for the Biggest Loser Prize package. We are an open group, so come join us!

And until then, if you'd like to have fresh, healthy meals, visit and enter promotion code "Modern" to receive $20 off of any 8 or 12-dish session. Includes In-store (dish it yourself), Dish-n-Dash (Let's Dish! staff dishes for you and you pick it up) or Dish Delivery (It gets shipped via FedEx right to your door!)

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