Wednesday, March 23, 2011


LOCKED OUT. Yep, that's right, completely locked out of my house. Stranded with two kids past their bedtime only to find out that after a fabulous dinner at our neighbors, that I had moseyed on down the street without taking my keys. Yes, I mosey, and say mosey, and by God, I'm proud of it.:)

So after being rescued by Big Daddy Mike and Judy Booty, this morning my day started out by paying a locksmith $85 for popping my lock with a credit card- the exact same motions we had tried the night before. And then the show had to go on. I had to get my rear in gear to get my son on the bus and my daughter off to swim lessons. After a couple errands, it was back to meet the bus and hurry off to a baseball clinic... where my greasy, stanky, unshowered self was oh so lucky to run into my high school soccer coach. Just my luck. After baseball, we piled into my swagger wagon and hightailed it to Tae Kwon Do... and then we visited my Nanny and Pappy only to dine on some meals on wheels milk cartons and fresh fruit... government money at its best. No seriously- they deserve that service. Especially since rude, awful human beings try to take advantage of the elderly. Let me just tell ya- if I had been there twenty minutes earlier when the driveway guys stopped by and wanted to seal my grandparent's driveway for a mere $2,000... No joke- you read that right, $2,000 to seal their small, suburban driveway, I might have called the cops right then and there. At least I feel better that I have their flyer so that my uncle can give them an ear full or report their sorry asses. And then the rain storm came and I had to carry two sleeping kids in, only for them to wake up and take no less than two hours to get settled back in bed.

Sorry... it's just been one of those days.

In fact, I have a lot of those days. Days where I put myself last and pull the mom card. Ya know... I'm a mom, that's why. I'm a mom- that's why I haven't gotten a shower, I have a car full of uniforms, crayons, and sippy cups, and I am overweight and frumpy. People just don't realize what life is like until they are a mom. There's no time for me. I put every one else first and I'm on the back burner. My time will come.

That's the story of my life. My time will come. I'll make it to the gym tomorrow. I'll eat better tomorrow. The kids need this, the kids need that. I can't start today because I have to be here and I have to be there. I can't start this weekend because it is my Nanny's birthday. Random fact: My grandma, my hubby's grandma, AND my best friend's grandma were all born on the exact same day. Crazy, huh- so by all means March 26th is just out of the question to be good on the diet so it will have to wait until next week...

Or not.

Not all moms turn into lumpy, washed up, dried out housewives. Just because you have a kid doesn't mean your body needs to look like it. Need inspiration?

Enter Meg:

Clearly, she had a baby in her belly at some point. It's also apparent that she wasn't one of those, "I only gained 15 pounds" wanna shoot them in their face chicks. If you're wondering, it was 44 lbs, she started at 137 and was a size 6 and got up to 181 pounds.

And after giving birth, she had every reason to continue eating and not working out. She could have looked like a has-been and had excuse after excuse, but she didn't.

And this is what happens when you quit the excuses and make time for yourself. Size 2 bitches.

Dayum. There is hope. I'll take what she's having. Even if it is a salad. Tomorrow is a new day.:)

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  1. you crack me up. and I so "get this"!! (as I am currently ramping up my weight for my biggest pregnancy yet. Go ME!!!) Wish we were neighbors so we could hang out in person! :)