Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let It Be

I love my life... but the one thing I struggle with (besides this whole diet and exercise thing) is contentment. It seems as though I'm constantly searching. If it's not one thing, it's another. I'm searching for a new sofa, free activities for the kids, a new park to try out, a new diet or quick fix that never pans out, a new hairstyle... I could go on forever. If I'm given twenty dollars I try to concoct a plan as to how to get fifty. If I polish my counters, I don't admire them, I just move onto doing the floor. I'm always thinking one step ahead and it drives me nuts.

On Sunday, we had a good morning. All four of us managed to shower and make it out the door to church on time- sometimes a small feat of it's own.:) I always feel like it's going to be a good week when I make it to a sermon. The kids learn about Jesus, my hubby and I squeeze hands during hymns and I feel that happy love, and I always leave inspired. Except for this Sunday.

Our Pastor stood silently by beautiful candles as members of the church read the story leading up to Easter Sunday while one by one the candles were blown out. At the end, every candle was out and our Pastor left us hanging- in darkness. He quietly challenged us to remember the story and sacrifices sweet Jesus made during the week leading up until Easter. While Easter is a time of celebration, resurrection, and life, it took the exact opposite to get there.

We were left with no answers, no weekly feel good message, or happy ending (although we know it is to come.:) While my children left church with palms in hand gleefully singing "Hosanna", I felt like I had been cheated- kind of like watching an entire Redbox DVD only to have it be scratched with twenty minutes remaining.

After a few hours, I realized what happened at church was like my life. Instead of always hopping to what's next in life, thinking about how I can make things better, or what bandwagon I can jump on next, sometimes the best dose of medicine is to slow down, think, and relish the moment. For the best is yet to come.

I guess in the end, I was more inspired than I ever knew. And a valuable lesson was learned- it doesn't hurt to hit the pause button in life.

Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be, Let it be.:)

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