Monday, May 23, 2011

My Master's

I love my brothers... If you read this blog it is probably quite easy to tell that we're a close knit bunch. So, when my brother graduated from U.V.A. yesterday with his M.B.A., I, being the die hard Hokie that I am, let it slide and traveled to Charlottesville for the ceremony.

What quite frankly was my idea of hell- driving two hours with my kids to sit and listen to speeches, keeping them occupied for two hours in the heat, only to do the whole picture thing before turning around and driving two hours all over again... turned out to be a lovely day.

With the help of playdough, my children were entertained and the first guest speaker- one of my brother's classmates- an easy on the eyes middle-aged Navy Seal- caught my attention. Easy, easy... not because of his good looks, but because of his insight. He spoke of how when he received his first degree, it was just that- a degree. He spoke of how it often takes time for one to appreciate what you have accomplished and to reap the rewards.

Coming from a family where my parents, grandparents, etc. didn't attend college, we were always brought up that not going to college wasn't an option. My mom engrained in us that we were going to college and we were going to graduate... and she told us every day, "Your education is the one thing no one can take away from you." And to this day, she says that when all three of her children graduated college, that was one of her biggest accomplishments in life.

College was quite the experience for me... from what I remember.:) But yesterday, that Navy Seal got me thinking... I worked hard for that piece of paper, and I never really think twice about it. I'm a stay-at-home mommy and continuing my education doesn't ever cross my mind, but he's right. Now, I appreciate my degree. It is almost my own little validation and something that I'm extremely proud of. I am proud to be a graduate, and more than anything forever a Hokie at heart.

Getting to my main point... When the other speakers started rambling over my head and I lost interest, I looked at my mom and saw the pride on her face. And I know that one day, that God willing that will be me watching my children. Of course, my mind didn't stop there, I kept hearing Judy Booty's words, "Your education is one thing that no one can take away from you." And then the record screeched and I realized I never want to write a paper, take a test, or have any part in that again. I'm content just where I am in life. For once.:)

Any my mind kept going...

"Your body is one thing that is in your control and no one can take away." So while some are working to climb the corporate ladder, further their education, and so on... I love where I'm at in my life, but my personal goal is to improve my skin. Silly to some, but I know that others get what I'm saying. I love my life of shuttling children, playing Barbies, and kissing boo-boos, but I also deserve a moment's peace to work on me... and the one thing that I would give anything for is to have a body that I'm proud of- A body that doesn't hold me back from doing things, that doesn't have thoughts that go through my head every single hour about how things would be different "if" I could just lose weight, a body that I can shop for clothes without getting depressed.... and so on.

I give my everything to my kids and family. Day in and day out, but it is time to work on myself as well. And hopefully, this go around I will stay in shape long enough to reflect back on my hard work and appreciate it.:)

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