Saturday, May 28, 2011

TNT... We're dynamite, yeah. Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom Dynamite!

Shake 'em, Shake 'em, Yell out "Baby needs some shoes," and shoot.

And if you are like me, your baby probably has more shoes than she/he knows what to do with. I know mine sure do. My daughter has a pair of sparkly Tom's like I've been pining over every time I stroll through Nordstrom... She even has cute cowgirl boots, flip flops galore, Sauconys, every color of Mary Janes available, Saltwaters, Lelli Kellys... I could go on forever. And me, well, I have two buck specials from Old Navy. Don't worry, I don't leave my son out. He has a swimsuit for every day of the week, and as we were riding in the car last week, he informed me he needed trunks with his initials on them. Be still my heart, he's picked up on my love of monograms, so I'm sure he'll have a pair before week's end... as I wear my Costco blue light special, ill-fitting tankini... Or better yet, my worn out, three year old suit that caused my son to inform me that he can see my "boobie balls" a.k.a. nipples because the pads fell out one too many times in the wash, so I chucked them. Nice.

In my household, that's just the way it is. Our kids don't go without... and not that we go without by any means... but let's just say our needs (or more like wants) are always put on the back burner.

Just when we thought it was a easy month due to no preschool payments- fall football registration is due, soccer registration is going on, swim lessons need to be paid, and the list goes on... So when I decided to try TNT training, I knew it wasn't a good idea. And I was right- because I LOVE it!

TNT training is one of those group exercise programs they offer at my gym- Sport & Health. I've walked by the sign for months wanting to check it out... but knowing that if I liked it we would have to figure out something financially. But for months I've gone to the gym only to socialize and do an easy workout on a cardio machine with no results. I walk by the guy in the fluorescent yellow shirt (yeah, we see ya, buddy) wanting to take that step and join his class.

And when an e-mail arrived in my inbox offering a free week, I finally took that step.

Loved it.

And their marketing plan worked... because I'm a sucker and am now two steps away from promising my hubby sexual favors to join this program- especially after this super cute, totally in shape lady in the class dropped a hint that TNT really works because one year ago, she, too was 160. O.k.., I'm not really 160 yet, but I'll pretend.:)

It may be in my head, but after one week of training, I was down three pounds, felt tighter, and had even paid attention to what I was eating this week- because when you have your butt kicked for an hour, and have to do a check-in with the instructor every session, you really don't want to mess up.

O.K. y'all... I have high hopes that with a few episodes of Extreme Couponing, making changes such as driving the beater, I mean Civic instead of our gas guzzling minivan at times, and cutting back on eating out, this can be done without me having to sell a liver on the black market. So blow on that dice, and hopefully I'll be reporting back over these next few months with results for once.

Ready, set, shake, rattle, blow, and roll... because Mama needs some shoes, too.:)

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