Monday, September 26, 2011

Party Rock In The House Tonight...

Everyday I'm shufflin', shufflin', shufflin'... I'm shufflin' kids to school, to football, to gymnastics, to softball... from here to there and everywhere. So,to make life seem just a little more interesting, I've decided to start calling the gym the club. Some people do that ya know. In my head, I think I'll make it there this way more often... It doesn't sound like a chore... but more like a fun place to go. And today, it was.

I took a spin class and man did it feel good. An entire hour to myself, full of good tunes where I can just sweat it all out. The teachers and the schedule have both stayed the exact same as two and a half years ago. And so has the adrenaline rush I get from finishing a class.:)

Grossest thing in the entire world... Being in the middle of class and realizing someone has a shirt on that stayed in the washer for way too long. The smell can knock you over. It may or may not have been me. But the next time the hubby lectures me on how I need to switch the laundry, I don't think I'll chirp back something smart. Just sayin.

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