Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks But No Treats

Happy Halloween!!!

Picking out costumes is a big thing in the McCullers household. Every year, the first week of October, my hubby and I head to Party City armed with our $10 off coupon and tell the kids to have at it and pick out a costume... It's done... and over with- and another stressor that I don't have to worry about.

This year, I'll be parading around with a blue ninja and Super Girl... both oh so tacky... but I'd say they are a step up from my costumes growing up- Let's just say creating Halloween costumes wasn't my mom's forte. I don't know which was worse- The year she made my head a centerpiece of flowers and put a cardboard box over my head adorned with a tablecloth and glued on place settings- Unique- but a total bust since I was taller than all my friends and no one knew what I was... Or the year she put fake blood all over my brother who was really in a body cast from a car crash and had him be an accident victim...

Halloween night is all about listening to your mom. Ya know... walk on the sidewalk, enough with the candy, don't run ahead of me, make sure you say please and thank you... And tonight, I'm going to try my best to let my own mom play through my head... again and again and again. For once, I'm going to let her have the last word. Sometimes, ya just wish you could go back and listen to your mom.

I wish I had listened to my mom when she told me to quit dipping my fries in mayonaise and that I was going to regret it one day. And I wish I had listened to my mom when she gave me the go ahead to wear a french cut one piece bathing suit saying, "Ya better wear it now because you won't always be able to wear it."

And if there are any younger chicks that happen to read this blog... Listen to me- If you are still young and beautiful- use Halloween to live it up. Buy that skanky vortex costume and flaunt what your mama gave ya. Because before long, you will turn into a houswife and drool over that back wall of adult costumes. You might even dream of fitting your body into one of those costumes... Like the airline stewardess to shock your hubby... but it just doesn't look the same on a roly poly. And trust me... there will come a day when you'll be invited to a crazy adult's only costume party, but politely decline because you'd rather save on a babysitter and feel good the next morning... So do it now...

And Chris and Addie... Let's have fun tonight... and please... Listen to this mama!:)

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